Download Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Test Build with Gunsmith, New Scorestreaks, Loadouts

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 test build is now live and since Activision has officially released a COD Mobile Season 9 APK file, Android users can install it immediately for an early look at the upcoming major update. Activision has, however, enforced a 40,000 user limit with a first-come-first-serve policy. Further, the test starts from July 15th (PST) and ends on July 23rd(PST). To get yourself registered, download the official COD Mobile Season 9 test build from the link ahead.

Owing to its legendary Console & PC gaming roots, the mobile version of Call of Duty has become one of the most popular Android game franchises to ever exist. With millions of users actively playing the game, it is also one of the most used apps at the moment. Keeping this in view, the developers behind COD Mobile make use of preview builds to test out any major updates. This not only ensures avoidance of a flawed update release to such a large user base but also gives its loyal users a preview to whats upcoming. The latest COD Mobile Season 9 test build is live and can be installed on Android phones directly through the link ahead.

Download COD Mobile Season 9 Test

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Test Build – What’s New?

COD Mobile follows a Season naming scheme. Each Season release brings with itself new features, functionality, maps and other content to the game. This way, gamers always have something new to enjoy. Latest Season 9 brings various different features but one that stands out the most is Gunsmith. This latest addition allows for detailed weapon customization allowing for some truly bespoke setups.

Weapon Customization with Gunsmith

Download Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Test Build with Gunsmith, New Scorestreaks, Loadouts 2

With new Season 9, COD Mobile is adding Gunsmith to the game. Similar to ModernWarfare on console and PC, new Gunsmith will allow for in-depth customization of each weapon. Scopes, grips, muzzles, grips and magazines can now all be individually changed for each gun. While some of the features were already available in Season 8 and before, these are more in-depth with loads of added options.

More, Gunsmith adds in new content as well. Not only do users get to modify there guns but there are loads of new customization options available now. From various new cross-hairs to extended magazines with larger capacities, Gunsmith truly makes itself the highlight of this release.

Additional Loadouts

Since the start, COD Mobile only supported up-to 5 loadouts. These are enough for various casual gamers but enthusiasts have always asked for more. Finally, through Season 9 update, COD Mobile will now support up-to 10 unique loadouts — double from Season 8!

Each loadout can be setup with different primary, secondary and tertiary weapons. For each round / spawn, you can select the loadout you want and with 10 options to choose from, you can always have the perfect one for every scenario.

New Perks and Scorestreaks

COD Mobile Season 9 also brings in new perks and scorestreaks. Gamers will now get Shield Turret in the score streak options. More additonal perks have been added to improve your operator’s skillset such as Amped, Shrapnel and more.

New Battle Royal Class and Guns

For Battle Royal, there are new classes now available along with gun options to play in the BR mode. These guns were previously not available for this mode and have finally made their way through offering more content for BR lovers.

Download COD Mobile Season 9 Test APK

To experience new Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 on your phone, you can download the APK file from ahead and install it directly. If you are unsure on how to install an APK, read our dedicated tutorial here.

Downloading this build would not effect your main app which is a big plus! CODM Season 9 test app will run as an independent installation. You would still be able to use the stable app which is available via Play Store alongside this Season 9 test build.

COD Mobile Season 9 Test Build

App Details

App Size1.7GB
Test Start DateJuly 15th 2020
Test End DateJuly 23rd 2020

As we previously mentioned, COD Mobile Season 9 is limited to 40,000 users through a first-come-first-serve policy.

COD Mobile Season 9 Screenshots

Since we have CODM Season 9 test app running on our phone, here are some screenshots:

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