COD Mobile Season 9 Getting 4 New Locations for Battle Royale Mode

COD Mobile Season 9 update will be bringing loads of new changes. The most recent change to be officially revealed is the addition of 4 new zones in Battle Royale mode. In addition to the new guns and other map tweaks, there are 4 new locations that will be added to COD Mobile Season 9 gameplay. With official availability starting from August 6th, the new zones have been discussed in detail ahead.

Call of Duty Mobile franchise will be receiving its 9th major season update this month. With test builds already allotted to enthusiasts, the season will finally be rolled out to the general public. As with all previous seasons, this release brings in new content, tweaks to the game system and more features. In this article we will focus on the additional 4 zones coming to BR mode in COD Mobile.

List of New Battle Royale Zones in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

In total, players will have 4 new zones to play within the new COD Mobile Battle Royale mode map as part of Season 9. These locations were previously shaded grey / not available for players to enter.

The name list for all the upcoming BR zones are as follows:

  • Radar Base
  • Dormitory
  • Outpost
  • Camp

All of these locations will be added to the map once COD Mobile Season 9 update goes live on August 6th — about 24 hours to go!

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Royale New Locations

Drone Footage of 4 New COD Mobile Season 9 BR Locations

Thanks to YouTuber Altaf Ahmed, here is a video containing drone footage of all the new Season 9 BR areas. These will be integrated in addition to the current locations hence widening the overall map.

YouTube video

As seen from the footage, the terrain as well as the overall setting is vastly different in each.

Other new updates coming in for Season 9 includes the infamous Gunsmith attachments and customization options from COD: WarZone, several new weapons and two new maps from the Modern Warfare series. You can read all about the Season 9 updates here.

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