COD Mobile Season 10: The Hunt | Headquarters Mode, Terminal and Pine Maps, Hacker Class in BR Mode

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 update is just about to go live, read up on all the new changes, features and patch notes through this article. Following up on Season 9, new COD Mobile Season 10 brings with itself new game modes, maps and various other content. Availability for the update is set at GMT 00:00, 10th of September.

COD Mobile is always engaging its players with different challenges and events. More, these additional Season updates just complement the whole experience as there is always something to look forward to, new content to enjoy and new modes to play. Speaking of modes, Hardcore mode and Headquarters are two new modes arriving to COD Mobile multiplayer with Season 10.

Season 9 was a big jump for COD Mobile. Players saw improvements across the board. More, there was a lot of testing involved before it went live. Season 10, however, isn’t as major but it definitely improves on Season 9!

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: The Hunt Patch Notes

COD Mobile Season 10 - The Hunt

These are the detailed changes being introduced through COD Mobile Season 10 for all gamers. Once updated, users would be able to enjoy all of the following updates:


  • New Hardcore Mode
    • Within this new mode, health regenaration would be disabled, health bar will be low along with friendly fire being enabled.
  • New Headquarters Mode
    • Gamers will have to capture and hold headquarters to earn winning points.
  • New Terminal Map
  • New Pine Map
Terminal Map in COD Mobile Season 10

Battle Royale

  • New Hacker Class
  • Blueprint weapons will no longer be pre-equipped with optic attachments by default. Sights/optics can be picked up and equipped to the optic slot. However, sights on customized weapons are unable to be swapped in a match.

Battle Pass: The Hunt

COD Mobile Season 10 - The Hunt
  • Premium Battle Pass Rewards
    • New base shotgun “Echo”.
    • High-capacity Shotgun with medium rate continuous fire. The perfect weapon for intense and persistent close-range combat
  • Free Battle Pass Rewards
    • New Operator skill “Equalizer”
    • Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close-quarters combat.
  • Event Rewards
    • New Perk “High Alert”
    • Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. Mark an enemy for your team by aiming down sights.

System Optimizations and General Updates

  • Players will now be able to move through the after-match reports quicker. The “Next” button will be displayed in the XP summary and event progress page, and players can skip all animated updates.
  • An issue has been fixed where sniper rifle shots occasionally may not register as hits.

We can’t wait to clock in some hours on COD Mobile Season 10! Let us know about your favorite change in the comments section ahead.

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