Captain Price Skin in COD Mobile’s New Soldier Crate

COD Mobile Garena has been updated with new Captain Price skin that can be unlocked by players through the Captain Price Soldier crate. Captain Price has been a fundamental part of Call of Duty. The character holds a special place for every COD enthusiast, especially those who started off playing Call of Duty on PC or console. Agreeing to its importance, COD Mobile Garena developers have finally patched in the Captain Price skin for all gamers.

With global version of COD Mobile soon to receive the major Season 9 update, COD Mobile Garena iteration is the latest to see Captain Price skin. Last year, we saw the crate pop up for the global version and finally, Garena users can have it as well. More, the soldier crate includes other unique goodies as well such as skins for grenade and a backpack.

Captain Price Soldier Crate: How to Unlock Captain Price Skin

Captain Price Skin, Soldier Crate

Captain Price made its first appearence within the Modern Warfare series. With his crucial role in the overall game along with unique character traits, Captain Price is one of themost iconic names within the COD Mobile franchise.

With COD Mobile following its legacy on PC and Console, Captain Price skin continues the trend of bringing legendary content over to the mobile version.

To get the skin, you can buy Captain Price Soldier crate. A single crate costs 80CP. Each crate doesn’t have a fixed loot so you it depends on your luck whether you get Captain Price in the first crate. There are other items as well that you can receive through the crate such as skins for grenade, gun and helicopter. Then there is a backpack as well.

COD Mobile Garena is dedicated for gamers in Asian regions. It has slightly different content as compared to COD Mobile global. Anyhow, we publish regular content on COD Mobile and other popular Android games so do check back regularly!

If you are in one of the eligible countries, you can download Garena COD Mobile here!

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