Bellroy Leather Case Review for Google Pixel 2 XL

Premium leather cases for phones have been around for quite a while now, but most of them come with a flip cover. Bellroy is one such maker who keeps things simple, yet have premium accessories for phones. Last year when Google released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones, they also launched the “Made for Google” program for makers who wanted to build accessories for Google hardware. This meant, accessories carrying the “Made for Google” tag will be certified for use with the Google Pixel products.

Bellroy is a maker out of Australia who specializes in premium leather products like wallets, bags and phone cases. They worked with Google to launch accessories for the Google Pixel 2 and Pixelbook. In this review, we will take a look at their leather case for the Pixel 2 XL. But is it worth $50? Let’s find out.

Bellroy Leather Case for Google Pixel 2 XL

Bellroy Leather Case Review

Like most cases, Bellroy leather case also comes in a simple, neat packaging. The front has the main branding and the “Made for Google” logo at the bottom. The back side lists down a few of the case features. Once you pull out the case from the box, it would seem very basic at first. However, when you put it on the phone, that’s when it really shines. The case focuses on clean lines, curved edges and a overall slim profile. It is barely noticeable when on the phone. The leather feels smooth and great in hands.

You can easily slip the phone inside the shell case by pushing it straight down from the sides. Your phone is held properly by the flexible polymer (plastic) on the sides and protects it from any scratches with a soft microfiber lining on the inside. There are proper cutouts for the volume and power buttons, as well as a big cutout at the base for charging your phone with a USB-C cable.

Here are a few points I’d like to discuss about the case:

Build Quality: The case feels premium to the touch as the back layer is entirely made of leather. It is comfortable to hold and provides a decent grip for your phone with a clean and neat outer shell.

Design: The design is very similar to how shell cases are designed for smartphones. It isn’t the slimmest of cases, but you don’t find it distracting either. The side lips are there to protect your screen if you place your Google Pixel 2 face down on a table or any other hard surface. The back has a clean design with the fingerprint sensor cutout and a small engraved ‘bellroy’ branding at the bottom. On the inner side, it has a soft microfiber lining to protect your phone from any scratches with engraved text saying: “For Google Pixel 2 XL. Made in China with care.”

Cutouts: The cutouts line up precisely at all points. There are cutouts for the power and volume buttons, the fingerprint scanner and for the secondary mic at the top. The base has a big opening for connecting a USB-C cable or other accessories. The only flaw with this case are with the button cutouts at the ride side of the case. They need to be bigger or wide enough so you can easily press the buttons.

Protection: The case doesn’t offer any significant protection features, aside protecting from the usual bumps and scratches on the body. It doesn’t have fancy air pockets or soft cushioning inside to protect from hard drops. However, the shell is still durable enough to withstand a little rough use.

Pricing: Bellroy cases are made out of leather, and that brings a premium price tag along with it. Each case has a 3-years warranty, so I think the price tag fits well with the product.

Bellroy Leather Case - Google Pixel 2 XL

I have been using the case for about two weeks now and have absolutely loved it. You can expect some dust to gather around the edges, but you can easily clean it if you pull out the phone every once in a while.

Given the high price, this may not be the case for everyone. However, if you are in looking for a clean leather case, we highly recommend buying from Bellroy.

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Thanks Bellroy for sending this case to us!

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