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OPPO N3 Announced, Taking Selfies To The Next Level

Today, OPPO has come out to address what it started. An evolution, revolution or even innovation, whatever you may think of it, OPPO has made a sequel to it’s rotating camera flagship phone. Yes, remember OPPO N1 or the N1 Mini? Some of you curious geeks out there might have even tested it out, today, OPPO N3 has been revealed to take it’s place. This special event was held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where bloggers and media from all over the region joined to experience the launch of this smartphone. The separating factor or key feature of this phone that it has over other premium flagships present in the market is the “rotating camera”.

Notice how we can’t address it as it’s main back camera or secondary front camera? This is because this single unit on the top is both. It essentially rotates back and forth to your needs, acting as the prime selfie taker or capturing that flawless panning shot — all with a simple swipe up and down on your screen.


OPPO N3 has improvements everywhere. The design is furnished, camera sensor has been changed, newer software and to top it off, a faster processor. Let’s kick off the spec run down. 5.5 inch beautiful 1080p screen bundled with Snapdragon 801 processor joined by 2GB of RAM and 32GB standard internal storage. If that wasn’t a mouthful, the N3 boasts a 16MP camera which can shoot 4K video and is motorized.


This motorized camera really comes into play with great practicality. You now would no longer need to flip the camera manually as on the N1 and N1 Mini, the phone will do it for you. Another neat thing includes the fact that frustrating and usually awful panoramas are no longer a problem for this phone. Just hold it steady in one place and it will automatically capture a stunning photo which makes sure you get everything in shot.

That’s all the hardware explained, now for the additional factors that OPPO tried to bundle in. First of all, N3 will ship with a 3,000mAh Li-Po battery which supports VOOC rapid charging. Simpler words, you can charge your phone from 0% to 75% within half an hour.


Carrying over the pulse notification light as seen on the Find 7 surely leaves an impression. More small touches like these have been added to the overall build to make it an upgrade from the N1. OPPO says it will be releasing this phone in a single SIM variant as well as a dual SIM one. Priced at 649$ without contract, it will hit the markets by the end of 2014.

For all those eagerly waiting, we will have the hands-on photos of this beautiful Chinese smartphone in a few hours. And you can expect a full OPPO N3 review on Team Android very soon!

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