Xcentz 48W 5-Port USB Wall Charger Review

Devices to charge are ever-growing, from tablets, phones to wearables, power banks. Rather than having dedicated chargers for each Xcentz is offering a one-for-all solution with its 48W 5-Port USB Wall charger. The idea is, this one accessory will provide power to multiple devices, at the same time, and just take up a single power outlet. If you are looking to buy such a solution, this will be a detailed review Xcentz 5-Port USB wall charger.

The brand Xcentz started off back in 2018 with a simple goal, to provide value focused quality accessories for consumers. As a part of its “Tech that gets you” motto, the company focuses on coming up with solutions that empowers its customers and makes technology convenient for them. Similarly, 48W USB Wall Charger is an amalgamation of these concepts. After thoroughly testing it, here are our thoughts.

Xcentz Wall Charger (5 Ports)

Whats in the Box?

Beginning from the packaging, Xcentz 48W Charging Hub arrives in the brand’s signature white box. The branding on the box is quite minimal and it mainly features the brand logo up top and details on the under side. Similar to a phone box, the top part is removable and once its removed, you are greeted with the hub, paperwork and a large cable to plug the hub into the wall outlet.

Uniquely, the accessory is white colored and the cable is white to match as well. This is especially great for people trying to follow a theme on their desks or rooms. However unfortunately, there is no other color option available.

Xcentz Wall Charger Unboxing

Build Quality and Design

For any accessory, build quality plays a significant part. Not only good build leads to longer lifespan of a product but it inspires a sense of confidence in users. For Xcentz 48W Hub, we are happy to report that it has quite a solid build. Despite having a complete plastic body, the hub is quite dense and has a strong weight to it. The fittings and seams also match up quite nicely as well. Further, there is a solid circular rubber pad on the bottom of the hub which ensures that it doesn’t slip or cause scratches on the surface it is put on.

Xcentz 48W Wall Charger

Design wise, the hub has a unique layout. The top surface is where all the USB ports are situated — type-C as well. And on the side, there is the main power input. By having this port positioning style, there is only one way the accessory can be used and that is USB ports making a 90 degree angle with the power input port. This specific layout is great for users who want to place the accessory directly on their desks, night stands as the USB ports would be easily accessible and there would not be much fiddling required to attach a new cable. Further, if users want, they can also place it either beneath the table top or behind something and only have the cables accessible for a more stealth look. For status lights, there are 4 constant green LEDs that turn on when the charger is plugged in. They are static and remain on whenever there is power. Brightness of each LED is considerable and can be viewed under good lighting. Plus, the size is small and they are placed directly upwards so they wont be much of a bother at night on your nightstand.

For color options, there is only one available from Xcentz and that is white with silver accents. This combination fits perfectly with silver devices such as Apple computers. However, if you are looking for a darker option, there isn’t one unfortunately. We hope Xcentz adds a black color later down the road.

Power Output

Xcentz 48W 5-Port USB Wall Charger Review 5

As the name suggests, Xcentz Wall Charger is capable of putting out 48W of power in total. The distribution of this figure goes as:

  • 3 USB-A ports with maximum output of 2.4A
  • 1 USB-A port with maximum QuickCharge 3.0 Compliance
  • 1 USB Type-C port with maximum output of 3A.

This makes for a total of 5 ports. The fastest two ports on the charger are Type-C and Quick Charge 3.0 compliant Type-A — which has Green differentiating color coating than the rest which are white. Depending on your device and what it supports, you will get the fastest charging from either of these two ports.

If your device has QC 1.0 or QC 2.0, the Xcentz Wall Charger automatically switches to that on its QC 3 port and provides best charging speeds. Furthermore, on each of its charging ports, the brand has equipped Advanced Smart xPower which automatically sets the best charging current levels and provides safer charging.

48W Wall Charger - Xcentz

Unfortunately, Xcentz Wall Charger’s USB Type-C port doesn’t support Power Delivery which means it wont be able to provide fastest charging speeds for USB-C PD devices such as Google Pixel 3, Pixel 2. Also, the Type-C port is not intended for use to charge full-fledged laptops, only mobile devices. Both of these downfalls are totally acceptable as the price and size reflect that quite clearly. To further address this, Xcentz will be launching an upgraded version quite soon with PD and we hope it is at a similar price point — a full review on that once it is launched!


Covering great power output, good design and build, Xcentz 48W Wall Charger is a good value buy. The versatility of one-stop solution for charging all 5 devices at once is quite convenient. Further added features such as support for up-to Quick Charge 3.0, a USB Type-C port and removable power input cable do make it more appealing. The only few downsides that the accessory has are, having only white as a color option and glossy plastic for its exterior rather than matte which is prone to scratches. Fortunately, Xcentz team has assured us that a new upgraded version will be out which would have other color options as well.

Xcentz 48W 5-port charger retails for $25.99, users can easily pick one up for through either Amazon or Xcentz Online Store.

Where to Buy?

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