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Weapon XP cards in Call of Duty: Mobile have always been important to upgrade guns with new attachments. However, with the launch of Gunsmith in Season 9 – The Conquest, upgrading your weapons has become even more crucial to winning matches in Multiplayer or Battle Royale games. The easiest way to unlock each gun;s full potential is through these weapon XP cards. The more you play, the more chances you get of obtaining these cards after every match.

To put things in perspective, you need about 2500 Rare Weapon XP cards to fully unlock every available attachment for the AK-117 assault rifle. Before the launch of Gunsmith, anything over 2000 cards was plenty enough to unlock most guns — but not anymore. If you like to spend money on new Battle Passes and skins, you can still continue reading on how to rack up more weapon XP cards.

Types of Weapon XP Cards

There are about 5 types of weapon cards and in this guide, we will explain all about them and how to keep getting them for free. Most of the items in COD Mobile is colour-coded i.e. green items mean Common, blue means Rare, purple means Epic and orange means Legendary.

Here is a list of all the weapon cards available:

Common Weapon XP Card

Common Weapon XP Card

This is the most common type of weapon card. You can easily get 3 of these when you win a match in any mode. This card increases weapon XP by 50 points.

Rare Weapon XP Card

Rare Weapon XP Card

This is again a somewhat common weapon card that you can easily get by winning matches. It increases the weapon XP by 100 points.

Epic Weapon XP Card

Epic Weapon XP Card

The Rare Weapon XP card increases XP by 500 points. There are more chances of getting this card when you become a MVP in matches.

Common Double Weapon XP Card

Common Double Weapon XP Card

Planning to put in lots of hours in a single go? Use this card to double the amount of weapon XP earned in the next 24 hours.

Rare Double Weapon XP Card

Rare Double Weapon XP Card

If you are in the mood to play lots of games and are feeling good about it, use this card to double the amount of weapon XP earned in the next 10 matches. You should aim for MVP in each of these ten games!

Now that we know the differences between each of these weapon XP cards, let’s take a look at how to get them quickly.

How to Get Weapon XP Cards in COD Mobile

Weapon XP Cards in COD Mobile

With the launch of Season 9, weapon XP cards have become even more essential. We are going to discuss a few (free) ways you can quickly obtain these XP cards to upgrade weapons.

Complete daily missions

Complete daily missions - COD Mobile

There is a set of daily tasks that you should complete in order to gain rewards, points and XP cards. To find out daily tasks, go to Events > Daily > Daily Missions. These missions and tasks are always around Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches.

Login daily

Monthly login calendar - COD Mobile

You can get free weapon XP cards if you simply login daily in the game on your phone. You can see the list of rewards and your progress by going to Events > Daily > Monthly Login Calendar.

Rank up in ranked games

Play ranked games as much as you can. Most of the ranked matches you play with give much more rewards than the free and unranked ones. To play better, check out our list of the best guns in Season 9: Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 9

Play events missions

Play events missions

COD Mobile actively rolls out new ‘Events’ every month or so. And with each event, there is a new set of tasks to complete. Once you complete thell all, you are usually rewarded with rare weapon camos or soldier skins. In the process, you get weapon XP cards and grenade camos.

Level up your player level

The more you play, the faster your player level will go up. And with each level up, you get different perks and rewards.

Send XP card to friends

Send XP to friends

Add more friends and regularly send them weapon XP cards. Your exchange will lead you to obtain better and higher XP cards for yourself. They all will be collected in your ‘Inventory’.

Recruit your friends

Recruit new friends to Call of Duty Mobile

If you know friends who are not yet playing this game, invite them to join COD Mobile and start playing. When they join and play, you get weapon XP cards among other crates and rewards.

Buy from the store

Buy Weapon XP cards from the store

And last, but not the least – you can purchase weapon XP cards from the in-game COD Mobile Store.

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