Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds Wireless Earphones Review

Here is our complete review on Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds — truly wireless earphones. It is intriguing how quickly the whole mobile earphone and headphone industry has evolved over the span of past few years. Previously, users were accustomed towards physically connecting their earphones to their devices via a cable. Now, owing to disappearance of headphone jack from smartphones and shear improvement in audio quality, there has been a substantial growth in wireless earphones. Further, the convenience of having no wires is unparalleled. In this review, we will look at the new Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds which are independent wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Tronsmart is a Chinese accessory brand which has been developing some amazing products such as the Brio PD power bank which we recently reviewed and also the Tronsmart Mega. The latest Encore Spunky Buds wireless earphones are the first of its kind from the company. Unlike stereo earphones that consist of a wire connecting the pair, these earphones are completely wireless. Apart from the obvious convenience of having zero wires, the question is whether Spunky Buds sound good and are reliable? Find out ahead in our detailed review.

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What’s In the Box

Starting with the unboxing, Tronsmart packages Encore Spunky Buds in its signature color scheme — white, purple and orange — box. Within it, you find the buds packaged within their hard charging case. As there are contact points on each earphone, there is a protective plastic which you have to remove before you can charge them and this ensures they don’t get damaged during shipping. Further, there is a microUSB cable provided for charging the case. Also provided are extra pair of earbuds for better fitment. Lastly, there is an instruction manual present as well.

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Build and Design

One thing which immediately makes Encore Spunky Buds different is the design they offer. Tronsmart has gone with this unique black checkered texture on the back of the earphones and same on the charging case. Talking about the case, it is a vital part of the whole experience as it is meant to be carried alongside the earphones. The case has its own battery which then charges the earphones once they are put back. There are guiding magnets that make pulling earphones out and putting them back in quite seamless, no need of fiddling. However, the case opening mechanism is quite unconventional as it requires you to press a button which pops the top circle and then you can rotate it out of the way to reveal the earphones. We found this a little fiddly especially the closing as it feels like it wouldn’t last long. The case has lights on front indicating battery level, a button to open the case and a microUSB jack to get power on the outside

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For the earphones, they are quite well designed and balanced. The black check pattern makes them stylish while being not too fancy. In terms of size, they are a bit larger than your average earphone and rightly so as they house an internal battery and Bluetooth chipset. What we absolutely love is the extra rubber support integrated within. Its not as large as what sports earphones carry but it is enough to make the fit quite well and prevent accidental falling. These earphones can be used for sports, running and other physical exercises easily.

Sound Quality

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Most important for any earphone is the sound quality and we are glad to report that Encore Spunky Buds did not disappoint! The overall sound characteristic from these earphones is base heavy which would be a big plus with the younger audience. Volume levels get quite high and at maximum setting, there is minimum distortion. Further, there is no separate volume control for the earphones hence no need to manage two different settings.

Being earphones, there is a good degree of noise cancellation and thanks to closed back design, there is minimum audio leak making them fit for use at high volumes in quite spaces. As these earphones have microphones, we tested the quality of that as well. In our tests, the results were quite satisfactory. Despite being quite far back from the mouth, they picked up sound with no issue and the audio was clear.


What’s most difficult to nail with these truly wireless earphones is the connection reliability. Before getting into the performance, it is important to explain the technical side briefly. For Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds, each earphone has its own unique bluetooth connection chipset. The main earphone is the left one and Tronsmart advises you to pair this with your device. Once this is paired, the other channel will first connect to it and through that to the phone. Once this all is done, we found the connection to be quite reliable and drop-free. Plus, there is stereo separation which is a big feature as other such accessories basically provide mono sound.

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Now, if you want to connect just the right channel then the process is, ensure both earphones are in the case so they are not searching for a device or pairing. Second, take out the right channel and it will automatically go to pairing mode. Once that is done, you go to your phone to pair this piece. As said before, both earphones have their separate chipsets so regardless whether you paired the left before, you need to pair the right separately. This is a lengthy process but once done, it would need not to be repeated. Further, once the right is connected and you take out the left, the right will drop the connection for the left to connect and then the right will connect to the left.

Battery Life

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In our detailed testing, Encore Spunky Buds provided over 10 hours of sound playback that is when the case is utilized and drained completely. If the earphones are not accompanied by the case, they still provided over 2 hours of playback which is quite impressive. As we previously mentioned that the earphones are a bit on the larger end of the scales but seeing the battery endurance, we can absolutely sacrifice the size. For charging, you can bring the case and headphones back to hundred percent within an hour. Further, Encore Spunky Buds communicate the battery life with the device they are connected to so you can easily keep watch directly from your smartphone.

Other Key Features

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On top of covering the basics, Tronsmart went ahead and added some extra features to Encore Spunky Buds to make them an even better proposition. Starting off, the earphones are IPX5 water resistant which makes them adequate for use in exercise or rain. Next, the earphones come with latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard which is more efficient, reliable and has improved range. Also, the back of each piece is touch sensitive and can be used to play/pause music or switch to next track.


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Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds have really surprised us with their amazing audio quality, great battery endurance and amazing design. If you are in the market for a set of wireless earphones, we recommend trying these out! Considering the price as well, we can easily overlook the few downsides that we discussed in our review. Overall, it is yet another quality offering from Tronsmart.

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