Top 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has managed to top the scales yet once again with its new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Within this post, we will take a look at what reasons make it the perfect 2018 flagship smartphone to buy. To start off, new Galaxy Note 9 is targeted towards power users, enthusiasts, people who are looking to use their smartphone for productivity and business. Tracing back to the roots of Note lineup, Samsung always treated it as a device that best represented what the phone industry was capable at any given time period. As with new Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has managed to keep that essential philosophy. Let’s take a look why the Note 9 is the best smartphone you can buy right now.

In a sea of highly competitive mid-range devices, it is becoming harder to justify the high price of a flagship. The main difference now lies in the extra functionality and design aspect that mid-range devices lack. Further, Galaxy Note 9 not only carries all of that but packs no-compromise hardware. Be it the camera, processor, battery or anything else, Galaxy Note 9 features the best of each.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Galaxy Note 9

We have been getting this a lot: Why buy the Galaxy Note 9? How different is it from the Galaxy Note 8? To answer these questions, we have compiled a list of all the features we think makes up the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These features are the key differences between the new and previous Samsung flagship devices.

Performance and Storage

When purchasing for a flagship, performance is quite a key aspect. Thankfully, Galaxy Note 9 has it covered! For certain markets, the Galaxy Note 9 is being offered with Snapdragon 845 and for others, it ships with Exynos 9810. Both of these chipsets are the pinnacle of 2018 mobile processing. Further, these chips are combined with fast 6GB RAM as standard while 8GB is also an option users can opt for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in rain

For storage, Galaxy Note 9 is one of the first few phones that is starting a new 128GB storage standard. This may well be the lowest-priced flagship phone with 128GB storage! If that isn’t enough, Galaxy Note 9 can be expanded with a microSD card. And, if even that isn’t enough, there is a 512GB variant available as available — an industry first!

Combining high storage capacities with fast RAM and the best processor available, it is no surprise Galaxy Note 9 can handle demanding tasks like a champ. Further, Multi-Window can be used further to initiate proper multitasking. If you go for the 8GB variant, you would also be able to keep open a large number of apps all at once.

Samsung Dex

Samsung Dex - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Further, Galaxy Note 9 can be hooked up to a monitor for a true desktop experience. Previously, Samsung provided stand-alone accessory called DeX to allow customers to dock their smartphones and use them on a big screen but this time around, you only need a simple USB Type-C to HDMI cable and it works flawlessly! This is all possible thanks to the high-grade, performance oriented hardware which can run a full desktop experience reliably.

You simply connect the phone to a USB-C to HDMI adapter, and the Galaxy Note 9 will notify you to enable Samsung Dex for the full experience. Just connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the phone and you’re good to go. We will get into the details later in a separate review of Samsung Dex!

Liquid Cooling for Gaming

One of the many tricks Samsung equipped its Galaxy Note 9 with, liquid cooling tech is something quite spectacular. Gaming users would know how demanding recent games have become and how prolonged gaming easily makes their smarpthone heat up. Thanks to the new liquid cooling on Galaxy Note 9, that wont be an issue. Rather, Note 9 would be able to maintain high clock speeds even after hours of gaming which isn’t the case on many other flagships.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 2

Technically, there is a new liquid chamber on the heatsink of the Note 9’s processor. As liquid allows for better dissipation of heat, this proves to be a viable method over the standard solid heatsinks. Astonishingly, Samsung has managed to fit this all into the same sleek chassis we have seen on the Note 8.


Optics have been the focus point of smartphone innovation for the last few years. Not only we have seen smartphones come up to rival dedicated point-and-shoot cameras but the more recent releases like Galaxy Note 9 can be even compared to DSLRs which is a great achievement in itself. Borrowing from Galaxy S9+, the new Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a dual-lens camera setup. Now, what sets Galaxy Note 9 camera apart from others, is the dual OIS available on both lenses and variable aperture on the main 12MP sensor. Previously, users would had to either compromise on quality on one lens or lose image stabilization but not with Note 9.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 3

Apart from hardware, Samsung has also developed Bixby 2.0 AI software for the camera app. The straight benefit with this is it allows for scene-detection which then allows Note 9 to switch to optimal settings for that specific scenario. Galaxy Note 9 not only comes with an advanced camera but it is also one of the easiest to shoot with.

Battery Capacity

There is no hiding Galaxy Note 7 battery issues that occurred couple of years back. Due to that, Samsung played it safe with its older Galaxy Note 8 and refrained from putting a large battery inside it. However, taking the mistake as a learning experience, the company has not only drafted the world’s most extensive battery endurance test but also, is shipping Galaxy Note 9 with a 4,000mAh. To put this in perspective, all 2018 flagships mostly top out at 3,000mAh or 3,500mAh.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 4

What’s even more astounding is the fact that how Samsung was able to manage this while still maintaining the sleek looks and thin design. To get a larger battery, Samsung didn’t choose to sacrifice device thickness but rather engineered around it.


After Samsung’s original Galaxy Note launch back in 2011, many people remarked the S-Pen as a gimmick and now, it has become one of the main selling points of Samsung’s Note series. While brands like Apple try to imitate this same concept for their own devices, Samsung’s sheer experience in this regards has garnered them deserving success. As for Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has furthered increased the functionality and usability of this built-in tool. S-Pen is most definitely not just a stylus rather it is something much larger than that. Understanding this and taking it to a whole new level, Samsung has made the new Note S-Pen bluetooth enabled.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 5

Bluetooth functionality on the new S-Pen allows users to use it further away from the smartphone. Previously, S-Pen was limited to close proximity of the display but now, it can be removed and taken further apart while still being usable. One clever way that Samsung showcased a use-case was by using Note 9’s S-Pen as a Shutter. Just prop up the Note 9 on a desired angle and use the S-Pen to take perfect group photos! Also demoed was using it as a presentation remote. If these don’t appeal to you, Samsung would soon be making the SDK available for developers so they can come up with their own clever ways.

BONUS: Fortnite and Exclusives!

Fortnite on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Here is a surprise addition to our top 5 list, a sixth point! To give back value to users, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has partnered up with Fortnite to award users with exclusives. Seeing how the Note 9 is oriented towards gamers and power users, this is the best combination! On purchase of a Galaxy Note 9, you would be eligible to get your unique Galaxy skin and 15,000 V-Bucks (in-game money).

Overall, we appreciate Samsung again trying to push the limits with whats possible on smartphones. The new Note 9, although priced quite steeply, offers some unparalleled specs and features. If you are looking for a flagship, this is the best Android smartphone you can get right now!

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