Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ Model Numbers and Variants

List of all the different Samsung Galaxy Note 10 model numbers and variants that will be on sale along with their networking bands and specs. This also includes Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is being offered in multiple variants and editions. To make it easier for referencing, in this guide, we have listed all Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy Note 10 5G model numbers, differences and also, supported bands. Unlike last year where we saw only a single Note flagship, this time round there are two main variants to the Note 10 and also, a third one in some specific regions (Note 10+ 5G). To accommodate consumer needs, Samsung has stepped up to offer multiple editions of their advanced Note flagship lineup. If you are purchasing or have received your device, here are all the different model numbers and variants of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.

Just like the Galaxy S10, Samsung is future proofing the Note by offering a 5G variant. While 5G coverage hasn’t been massively rolled out, it is still a nice option to have once your region receives it. Further, just like older Galaxy phones, some regions will get the new Note 10 with Snapdragon 855 chipset whereas others will receive Samsung’s very own Exynos 9820 processor. For further details, do consult our comprehensive variants list ahead.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Model Numbers

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Model Numbers and Country Variants

Carrying inspiration from Galaxy S10 series that was launched earlier in the year, the new Galaxy Note 10 comes with either Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 processor. Further, improved from the Note 9, this new phone now features even lesser bezels and an Infinity-O display — there is a cut-out at the center of the screen to accommodate the front camera.

Again, as we explained, there are two main variants to the Galaxy Note 10: standard and Note 10+. However, there is a further third which is based on Note 10+ but features 5G modem called Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Now, for specific regions these main variants have been divided up into different models which you can see listed ahead — each have their own bands and processor + modem configuration.

List of Galaxy Note 10 Variants:

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For a full in-depth list of the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, do read our tech specs guide.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Model Numbers / Software Information

List of Galaxy Note 10+ Variants:

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Catch up on all the Galaxy Note 10 Plus Technical Specifications that remain same across each model.

List of Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Variants:

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These are all the different models and variants of Galaxy Note 10 that will be going on sale in regions across the globe. Make sure you purchase the right one that corresponds to your network communication standards.

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