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While Samsung has removed the Bixby button from its new Note lineup, here is how you can remap the power button on your Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus or even Note 10+ 5G to activate Google Assistant or any other custom action such as activating flash light on double press. Launched first on the Galaxy S8, Samsung added an extra Bixby button. This was placed right beneath the volume keys. Originally intended for Bixby assistant only, many users remapped it using third-party mods to Google Assistant and other functions. If you have gotten used to the Bixby button or you want easy access to your assistant, here is how to remap the main power button on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Without root, or any other system mod, there is a clever app called sideActions that lets you easily modify what the buttons do on your phone. While we will be focusing on remapping the power button, this app also allows you to modify volume buttons as well. What’s even better is, you can use this app to disable the power button, or modify what a long-press or double press does. Read ahead for a complete tutorial on how to setup and configure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Remap Power Key

Before we begin, remember, this tutorial isn’t reliant on root. Further, to go back to factory settings you can simply uninstall the app or set all settings back to stock without removing it.

Remap Galaxy Note 10 Power and Volume Buttons

This tutorial will apply to Galaxy Note 10 phones. It might or might not work on other Samsung Galaxy devices.

Step 1 – Download sideActions app from the Play Store.

Step 2 – Launch the app and give it the permissions it asks for. The app doesn’t ask for access to internet plus it doesn’t serve any ads!

Step 3 – Once within the app, choose which button you want to remap.

Step 4 – From available options, select which function you want the button to be mapped to. The app supports various actions on top of mapping to opening a certain app. Here is a brief list of actions supported:

  • Turn on flashlight
  • Take a screenshot
  • Mute phone
  • Answer phone calls
  • Launch Google Assistant
  • Launch camera or any other app
  • Switch to last app
  • Disable the Power Button
  • 35+ actions
Remap Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10 Plus Power Button - sideActions 1

Step 5 – Once set, simply close the app and now, you should notice that your side key / power key is registering just as you set it up!

While Samsung allows for certain remapping of its power / side key directly through stock OS, this sideActions app takes it a step further and allows for even more actions to be executed.

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We have tried to explain the whole configuration in detail but if you run into issues, you can reach us through the comments or via our Facebook or Twitter handles!

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