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HMD Global provides Nokia My Phone app on all of their Nokia Android phones. The main goal with this service is to provide users with loads of useful functionality combined into a singular app. Further, My Phone is pre-installed so no need for manual search and installation. Unfortunately however, many users are unaware of My Phone app and in this article, we will discuss all its highlight features as well as key functionalities that it offers.

Acting as a central hub for your phone, there is a lot that you can do with the My Phone app. Be it phone stats or complete user guide for your phone, this service has it all covered. Even further, the app also allows for customers to get in touch with customer support directly. To find out more about My Phone app on Nokia phones, read our discussion ahead. We used and tested this app on the latest Nokia 7.2 by HMD Global.

Nokia My Phone, HMD Global

Nokia My Phone App: Features and Details

Upon starting the app, there are three major categories. One is Home, second is Support and lastly, Community Forums. Each of these sections have their own set of services. This division makes for easier access and usability.

Below we will take a look at the key features within My Phone app.

Get involved with the Nokia phones community

Nokia My Phone Review - Central Hub for Nokia Phones 2

Nokia has its own Community where users can post questions, discuss about functionality and more. It is a great way to find out more about your device, discuss problems and even find out new tricks!

Discover apps recommended for you

Nokia My Phone Review - Central Hub for Nokia Phones 3

Within the My Phone app, you can get app recommendations, see what is new and trending. The app recommendations are also personified depending upon what you have already installed and what’s popular in your region.

Contact support easily with live chat

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Probably one of the best features of the app is its ability to connect customers directly to Nokia’s support. This proves to be an important aspect for new users who are still exploring the phone and even those who are facing problems. Rather than placing a physical call, live chat is more easily accessible.

Check battery health and phone stats at a glance with the device monitor

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Staying true to the name, My Phone also acts as a central hub where all the key stats of your device are displayed. Starting from battery health, storage to live memory usage. Uniquely, there is a device temperature stat as well.

Get quick answers to frequently asked questions

Nokia My Phone Review - Central Hub for Nokia Phones 6

Even if you don’t want to live chat with a support representative, the app has a frequently asked questions section where you can get answers to common issues or problems.

Check out user guides for your Nokia phone

Nokia My Phone Review - Central Hub for Nokia Phones 7

While shipping a physical user guide is standard, you can also access it via the app, digitally. It serves as a great tool for understanding your device and as each phone has its own unique features, this will help you discover them and utilize them properly.

Find your nearest Nokia Mobile Care center

Nokia My Phone Review - Central Hub for Nokia Phones 8

In case you run into issues with your device that aren’t fixed via live chat, you can use the app to locate the nearest certified Nokia Mobile Care center to get your phone looked at, physically.

Check up on the status of your warranty

Whether you have bought your device previously used or new, you can check its warranty status within the app.

This was a detailed look at Nokia My Phone app from HMD Global. The app service is a big part of Nokia’s software experience and it is designed to better help each Nokia customer.

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