Google Soon to Allow Users to Auto-Delete Location History

Everyone is aware of Google‘s Location History feature, which saves the places that you have visited in the past few months. Having a device in your hands means that, if you have given access, Google will keep on tracking your location all the time. Many people open their location history when they want to recall a certain visit or event. Recently, Google revealed some changes in this feature as it understands that this data is quite sensitive. So in the next few weeks, Google will give us the option to automatically delete tracked location data when it gets old. Basically, this location history data is used by Google in order to better recommend routes and places such as restaurants that are quite near to your location.

Moreover, the location history feature is also loved by people in order to know about your friends and families movements. The new feature is set to roll out in the coming weeks, according to Google, and will allow users to set an expiration date for information like past Google searches, activity on Google-owned sites, installations and usage of Android apps and games, Chrome browsing history (if users chose to sync it), and location data Google normally collects through the Location History feature included with some of its services, such as Google Search and Maps.

Auto Delete Google Location History

Auto-Delete Location Data – Google Account

By default, users have to manually delete their location history data. However, now, with the additional options, auto-delete can be set to get rid of location data after a certain period of time.

Based on screenshots Google released earlier, users will be able to tinker with an option in their account settings section that stores location and web & app data indefinitely. However, with this new addition, there will be auto-delete functionality when it gets 3 months old, or after 18 months.

When it comes to security of data, it is one of the most talked topics nowadays. Google services know everything about us such as places we go, our flight details and the people we talk to. The fact that this software knows every minor detail about us is quite frightening but the worst thing is that if our personal information thirsts to someone else leading to data breaches.

Do you like Google’s Location History data feature? What do you think of the latest addition to this feature? Drop a comment in the comment section.

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