Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Waterproof?

In this guide, we go take a look if the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite waterproof or not. Samsung is known for making premium smartphones. From their budget series to the high-end ones, each of Samsung model features premium hardware and technical specifications. The new Galaxy Note 10 Lite is the latest model in Samsung’s line-up of mid-range premium phones. And most importantly, this is the first time we are looking at a mid-range version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite may not be the premium flagship as its elder brother, but the company made sure to fit in high-end hardware into this model. It features a large 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a triple camera setup at the back, a big 4,500 mAh battery with Super Fast Charging and plenty of storage. But what we are here to find out is, if this phone waterproof? Samsung may have dropped a feature or two here and there as compared to the bigger Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but is Galaxy Note 10 Lite waterproof? Let’s find out.

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Waterproof

Samsung Waterproof History

Samsung has been making water-resistant (not waterproof) devices since the Samsung Galaxy S7 series. We still remember the Galaxy S7 Edge being one of the first phones with proper water-resistance built right into it. And since then, all Samsung Mobile flagship phones have had IP ratings of at least IP67 or IP68.

In the current era of smartphones, we believe every phone should have some sort of water protection. At least you need to be protected from accidental spills or dropping your phone in a pond or pool. You can always buy extra waterproof case for the phone, but this is basic protection that should be built into the phones.

A lot of premium flagships that do not have any official IP rating are sealed really good that it works as basic protection against rain and light water splashes. Official ratings cost a lot of money, and this is where some companies cut corners with less priced smartphones.

For more details on IP ratings of other Samsung flagship phones, we did a similar guide for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Is Galaxy Note 10 Lite Waterproof?

So, is this Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite really waterproof? Short answer: No, it is not waterproof or water-resistant. However, phones these days are sealed with high-end adhesives. That gives you some protection against water even if the phones do not have official IP rating. One reason for it is, IP ratings cost extra money. So this is one of those ‘features’ that companies skip when launching a mid-range phone with premium specs.

And why would you even want to take risk with your expensive purchase? Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite may be mid-range, but it still costs a lot. We’d highly recommend keeping your phone away from water and excessive dust.

Most of us these days now use a protection case or cover. That gives you an extra later of protection against water splashes, dust etc. To know more about the features of this phone, check out the official website.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 10 Lite Water Damage?

Even after much precautions your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite took a dip in the water, there are few home remedies you can try before you start to panic. First, relax and wipe your phone with a soft cloth. Turn off the phone for several hours and do NOT turn it back on till it is completely dry. You should not either try to open up the SIM slot because some water may get in from there.

If you try to charge your phone while it is wet, that may result into a short-circuit inside the phone and can fry up the main board. So please, do not try to charge your phone. Most phones these days show up a message on the screen if you try to charge a wet phone that there is some moisture in the USB slot. However, if the phone is already off, you will not be warned about it.

Rice Method:

The oldest method to fix water damage in electronics is the rice method. Take a bowl of rice and place you phone inside it while it is still powered off. Now keep your Galaxy Note 10 Lite in the bowl for at least a day or two. We usually recommend 48 hours before taking out your phone back. Rice absorbs all the moisture so this trick has been proven and had worked for many people with their phones and other electronics.

Once you power on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and see some distortion on the screen. This is hint that there is still some water inside. At this stage, you should take your phone to an authorized service center for repairs. You will be charged a lot for water damage, depending on the extent of damages inside the phone.

Is there a waterproof case that you use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite? Or if there is something else that worked for you to fix water damage, we would love to know more in the comments below.

We hope this clears out for you that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite waterproof rating is a complete negative.

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