The Finest Hour in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 9 Event

Confused with what to do and how to win the new event The Finest Hour in Call of Duty: Mobile? This guide explains it all about this one-of-a-kind event. Every month we see several game ‘Events’ that require you to complete a few tasks and in return, you get exclusive rewards like new class upgrades, weapon camos or character skins.

The Finest Hour event is the main highlight for Season 9 – The Conquest in COD Mobile. This event started yesterday and will be live for two weeks till 4th September 2020. In this seasonal event, you will have to pick a side and fight your way across Europe to attack different cities and earn rewards. The two modes of COD Mobile – Multiplayer and Battle Royale – play an important role in this. You gain more troops as much as your play different matches.

Main Storyline

The main storyline of Finest Hour is that the Axis Forces have taken control of central Europe. Now it’s up to you to counter-attack their forces from either side – East or West. Once you pick your side of the Allied Forces, you have to defeat each city across Europe and take control. There are about 34 cities to unlock. Meanwhile in the process, you will lose troops but also gain lots of rewards.

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The Finest Hour - COD Mobile

If you pick the Westside Allied Forces to begin with, you will start at Lower Normandy and make your way to the other side till Germany, Paris etc. As part of the troops requirement, you get a daily replenishment and for more, you will have to play different matches in the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

How to Play The Finest Hour in COD Mobile

This event is unlike any event you have seen before in this game. You do not have a list of 5-10 tasks to complete, instead you need to simply keep playing matches, upgrade weapons to make your soldiers strong and continue liberating cities across Europe from the Axis powers. In simple words, you need to keep doing the following:

  1. Choose a side to defeat the Axis forces
  2. Play in MP or BR to acquire more troops
  3. Upgrade your weapon level in Gunsmith to gain soldier strength
  4. Attach the Central City (Berlin or Bayern depending on which side you choose)
  5. Earn Epic solider Nikolai when you successfully attack all the cities

Who doesn’t love a new character skin, right?

Call of Duty: Mobile has brought in Gunsmith this Season 9 and for most players it is a bit of learning curve. You need to put in a lot more time to unlock more attachments and customize your favourite weapons to their full potential. This entire event has been designed around Gunsmith customization making players more familiar with it.

Top Tips for The Finest Hour

The Finest Hour - COD Mobile

We are still half way across Europe in this event at Team Android and have put together some tips you can use to complete this event faster.

Attack One by One: You should attack each city one by one to have lesser fallen troops after each attempt. Whenever you approach a key location, first make sure you take down smaller cities around it to decrease the casualty level of the main city.

Invite Friends: There are two cities on each side that allow you to invite friends and help you with the attach. More friends mean more rewards for everyone!

Keep Playing: The more matches you play, the more soldiers you gain for each match. This will make it easy for you to attack all the cities.

Shipment 1944: Now you can play 10×10 matches in this brand new small map, hence acquiring more troops and unlocking new weapon attachments just got much easier.

Gunsmith Experiment: One way to make your troops stronger is to level up your weapons to their full potential. You may also craft a new weapon configuration that’s perfect for future MP and BR matches. Read through our list of the best assault rifles list for Season 9.

Which side did you pick – the East or the West? Let us know in the comments and best of luck for the Epic soldier Nikolai.

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