Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy? This is How to Find, Track and Locate it

This guide will help you find and track your lost Samsung Galaxy phone. Even if it’s stolen or you forgot where you last kept the phone, we have covered some tips to help you locate it. It’s no doubt Samsung Galaxy flagship phones have crossed a very high price point. Most flagship models from Samsung are over $1000 price point now and it’s really sad and disappointing if you end up losing your phone.

Getting your Samsung Galaxy phone stolen is one thing that can be covered by theft warranties. However, it is very difficult to recover a lost phone. I was able to help out a friend who dropped his Samsung Galaxy Note 10 while jogging in the park. This park has a long jogging track, which means he could have dropped his phone anywhere along the way. He noticed his phone missing after about 30 minutes of running. Luckily, we had our laptops out in the car and this is when we figured out built-in services as part of Android / Samsung One UI to help locate a lost Samsung Galaxy.

Find a Lost Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

How to Find, Track and Locate a Stolen / Missing / Lost Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an expensive phone, going all the way above the $1000 price tag. So finding it back was very important for us. There are two important services built into Android devices – Google’s Find My Device and Samsung’s Find My Mobile. And yes, as they sound, this is what these services do; help you find and locate a missing, stolen or lost Samsung Galaxy phone.

If you know your account login details, you should be able to access your phone location from any phone or computer nearby. And this is what we did. My friend remembered his Samsung and Google account login details. We logged into both these services and were able to track and find the phone back.

Both of these tools are basically the same in functionality. In our case, we used Google’s Find My Device. Other than just locating the lost phone, you can also factory reset your phone, make the device start ringing and check if your Samsung Galaxy device has enough battery left. You can also find out to what WiFi network is your phone connected to. If you forgot your phone at a place where it connects to WiFi automatically, you then know where to look for it.

Here is how to use the following tools and services to find, track and locate your stolen or lost Samsung Galaxy device:

  • Google’s Find My Device
  • Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Like we said, almost every Samsung Galaxy phone from the recent years is compatible with Find My Mobile and other services. Here is a list of compatible phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ / Note 10 Plus 5G / Note 10
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ / S10 / S10 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Samsung Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A30
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Samsung Galaxy A70
  • Samsung Galaxy A80
  • Samsung Galaxy A90
  • Samsung Galaxy J series
  • Samsung Galaxy A series
  • Samsung Galaxy M10
  • Samsung Galaxy M30
  • … Most phones released after 2015!

Method 1 – Google Find My Device for Android Phones:

Google Find My Device for Android Phones

Before you setup Find My Device on your Android phone, you need to know a few things first. This service is part of Google Mobile Services and is built into every Android device with Google services on them. For this work efficiently, you need to make sure ‘Location’ is enabled on your device. Also, make sure that the internet service (WiFi, 3G or 4G LTE) is switched on.

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Now if you have your Google account login details with you, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1 – Download and install Find My Device app from Google Play Store. This is optional as Google is still able to find your device.

Step 2 – Once installed, sign-in with your Google account and grant it complete permissions.

Locate lost Samsung Galaxy phone with Find My Device

Step 3 – Visit Google Find My Device website (https://www.google.com/android/find) from a computer.

Step 4 – Make sure that you login with same Google account which you have used on your Samsung Galaxy.

Step 5 – Once you have logged in, Google will show you a map with the location of your phone.

Step 6 – You will be able to use three options which are Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.

Select and click on the appropriate action you want to perform to find and locate your lost Samsung Galaxy device.

Now if you are not able to use Google’s Find My Device or you do not remember your Google account credentials, you can try Samsung’s Find My Mobile service next.

Method 2 – Find My Mobile for Samsung Galaxy Phones:

There are so many features that Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ has to offer. You can see it as a really good option to track your Samsung Galaxy device. Along with tracking, you can also erase the date from your phone. Further, you can retrieve the logs of your phone. You can also unlock your phone remotely if in any case you have forgotten your phone’s pass code. It allows you to find your phone by putting it on ring mode if it is lost around with silent mode.

There are some essential things that are required to track your phone through ‘Find My Mobile’:

On your Samsung Galaxy phone:

Find My Mobile - Samsung

Step 1 – On your phone, go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile. Enable it on your phone, if it already isn’t.

Step 2 – You can also enable “Remote unlock” option from here. This is useful if you forget your screen lock code or pattern, you can still unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

On a computer:

Step 3 – Now, visit Find My Mobile website (https://findmymobile.samsung.com) on your computer and login with your Samsung account which you use on your Samsung Galaxy Note phone.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Step 4 – To track location of your phone, click the “Track location” button. You can then check where your missing or lost Samsung Galaxy phone is every 15 minutes.

Step 5 – From this main administrator panel, you can also do the following:

  • Ring phone
  • Lock phone
  • Erase data on phone
  • Retrieve calls and messages
  • Enable battery saving features
  • Unlock the phone remotely
  • And, backup your Samsung Galaxy phone

We hope you are able to find back your lost Samsung Galaxy phone with these above mentioned two services. If you face any problems, you can let us know in the comments and someone from our team will help you out.

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  1. So unfortunately my note 10+ was stolen and they powered it off. I have verizon and when i log onto the samsung website to try and locate my phone it says that my service provider doesn’t allow use of find my mobile only samsung pay. I have checked through google and it was last seen about 45 minutes after it was stolen (it was on camera being taken) with the battery at 81%. My maps timeline shows activity the next but i’m a little confused by it because it doesn’t say the time and where it started or ended unless I click snap to road which shows it started at my house and ends where it was stolen. Is there anything else I can do?

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