Download WiseLink Tool (All Versions) – Flash Firmware Files on Mediatek Devices

This guide will be listing download links to the latest version of WiseLink tool along with previous iterations. The WiseLink tool was created to support firmware flashes on Mediatek devices running Android. Keep in mind, this tool only helps you to flash certain firmwares and doesn’t give you the ability to download them. Fortunately enough, you can easily find the firmware online and use this tool to flash it on your device. For new users, we recommend installation of USB drivers specific to your device before using this tool. Nonetheless, read further to find download links to all WiseLink tool versions.

As mentioned earlier, this tool only helps you to flash firmware on devices. Keep in mind, this works with Mediatek chipset. If you are using any unsupported device, it wont proceed to flashing. We will be giving a brief feature list overview just before the download links to WiseLink tool.

Download WiseLink Tool

WiseLink Tool – Features:

Let’s take a look at all the highlight features offered by WiseLink.

Supports MTK Chipset

As long as your device is running Meditek chipset and you have a correct firmware for it, chances are that WiseLink tool will work adequeately. Nonetheless, the tool itself checks the integrity of the package and confirms the device.

Needs Permanent Installation

You would be needed to permanently install WiseLink tool on your computer. This results in easier saving of settings and also shows up in your list of programs on Windows OS.

Supports Scatter file

Mediatek firmwares do tend to come in a unique Scatter file standard. Fortunately, WiseLink tool is compatible with it and you can use it to transfer the scatter file onto your phone via installation.

Format Feature

Once the tool recognizes the device, it will give you the ability to format different partitions of the connected device.

Download WiseLink Extractor Tool:

All versions of WiseLink tool have been listed below. Do remember, this is a Windows-only tool.

WiseLink Tool – More Information

USB Drivers: As you need the tool to recognize your device, it is necessary for you to have proper USB drivers installed beforehand. For viewing Android USB drivers consult our post: MediaTek Drivers and Android USB Drivers section.

Custom ROMs:  For AOSP based ROMs that are compatible with your device you can use our Custom ROMs section.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

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