Download COD Mobile Season 10 Public Test Server

Here is a treat for you all – you can now download COD Mobile Season 10 public test server here. This is the final build to test things and report back to the team. To install it on your device, use the link ahead to download COD Mobile Season 10 test build. Over the past few weeks, developers behind COD Mobile have been hard at work while deploying new features for upcoming Season 9 and Season 10 update. Being one of the largest changes to the game since its release, there have been numerous test releases to make sure everything is as it should be.

Test builds are a treat for loyal players who are waiting for new features to arrive. These not only provide great insight as to what is coming up next but also how it will all fit in with existing content. Since we have been participating in the test ourselves, we have been able to cover all the new Season 9, 10 changes introduced via the last two builds. Now, for this last COD Mobile Season 10 test server, Activision is saying it is there to see any persistent bugs before the final update — no new content or feature.

We already know about a number of new features expected to ship with Season 9 and 10. Gunsmith customizations are already being teased by the COD Mobile team on YouTube, and there are two new Multiplayer maps expected to launch soon. And with this, we will also see updates to the Battle Royale mode with four new locations on the main map and lots of new guns!

Download COD Mobile Season 10 Test APK

COD Mobile Season 10 Test Build

Just as the previous test builds, Activision is providing an APK file that users can download and install on their phones. For specifics on installing APK manually on Android, consult our how-to install APK tutorial.

Being a test server version, the app will install as a parallel to the main release currently on the Play Store. Importantly though, the test server is limited to first 10,000 users and all the progress within the test build will be deleted once the test timeline finishes.

COD Mobile Season 9 / 10 Test Build:

App Details:

App Size1.7GB
Test Start DateAugust 5th 2020
Test End DateTBD

This test server is limited to first 10,000 users only. More, all the data — kills, progress etc — will get deleted after the test finishes.

COD Mobile Season 9 Screenshots

Since we have CODM Season 10 test app running on our phone, here are some screenshots:

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