Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand Review

In the market for a fast wireless charger? Here is our complete review of Choetech Fast Wireless Charging stand! Wireless Charging has been around for multiple years but only now are we seeing greater rates of adoption as it is starting to trickle down to budget and mid-range smartphones. Not only that, most flagships are now focusing on having this key feature built-in. Plus, having wireless charging support is one thing but to make full use of it with a correct accessory is another. Choetech, a brand specializing in Wireless Charging, has come up with its Fast Wireless Charging Stand and we will be taking an in-depth look at it within this review.

Choetech is one of the more recent brands in this ever-expanding mobile accessory space. While having products like hubs, cables and cases, Choetech has gain much of its popularity and trust among users through its wireless chargers. The offering we will be looking at in particular is Fast Wireless Charging stand (Model T520). As the name suggests, the charger props up your smartphone while charging it at the same time. After using the unit extensively, here are our thoughts!

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand

What’s Inside the Box

Let’s first go through the complete unboxing experience for the stand. However, as these accessories go, there isn’t much of an experience to begin with as the packaging is one thing where these brands try to cut manufacturing costs. The Choetech Fast Wireless Charging stand comes packed in this cardboard box — which isn’t painted / colored — and it has a sticker on top declaring all the details such as the model, brand name and charging input. As soon as you open the box, you would find the Fast Wireless Charging stand, wrapped in bubble wrap and also a standard microUSB to USB cable to power it.

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand Review 1

Another reason why the price is on the lower end is the fact that there is no power brick within the box. This means, when you receive the package, you should have your own charging solution. Nonetheless, this is not a deal breaker as the price goes down significantly and after all, if you have a fast charging compliant phone, it must have come with a fast charger right of the box.


Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand

Discussing the design aspect of Choetech’s Fast Wireless Charging stand, it comes in a single color offering: Black. All of the stand is made of plastic. The prop angle is pretty adequate if you have it on your desk or even on your night-stand. Do remember, the angle is fixed and can’t be adjusted. For power input, the microUSB port is located at the rear of the base, just where it should be and not on the sides. As Type-C is becoming the new standard, we think Choetech could have gone with a USB-C port at the back.

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand

A key detail about the design which we see get overlooked in many other such wireless stands is the protective rubber / silicone lining on the base where the phone rests to avoid scratching. The size is also something which we think plays a vital role in these stands. For Choetech’s product, the overall base width of the charging station itself is almost exactly like the Galaxy S7’s. This, however, doesn’t mean you can not fit in large phones. For our testing we used a Galaxy Note 5 as well and it had no issues. Yes, the phone overflows from the base but that isn’t something which causes any sort of problems.

Despite the overall look being catered to fit phones in portrait orientation, Choetech Fast Wireless Charging stand also allows for landscape use. This makes it perfect for content viewing and, as we have found out, for turning your phone into a night stand clock. There is a separate coil located at the bottom which enables this functionality and ensures that you don’t lose any power throughput.

Power Output

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand

Power efficiency and charge times make or break a certain wireless charging stand. Unfortunately, for many inexperienced users, wireless charging, to them, represents twice the charge times as through a normal cable. That was true in the early days but now, the tech has improved substantially. For Fast Wireess charges, they now provide almost the same charge times as through a standard wall-adapter. In the case of Choetech Fast Wireless Charging stand, this stands true as well.

The maximum power output marketed by the brand is 10W for this specific accessory. In real usage, our Samsung devices were able to utilize the fast charging capabilities and we were able to bring a Galaxy S7 from 5% charge to 90% within 1 hour and 30 minutes. The last 10 percent always takes longer as all chargers slow down to protect the life of battery. It is to be noted that Fast Charging feature from Choetech’s Fast Wireless Charging stand is designed towards Samsung devices. For other smartphones such as iPhone, they work with the stand but don’t utilize the fast charging feature.

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand Review 2

Summing up, our tests showed that Samsung devices do really benefit from the Fast Wireless Charging which Choetech provides and it is actually quite helpful to speed up the process. Before buying, however, make sure you have a fast charging adapter. If you have one, you can directly use it to power the stand.


Choetech Fast Wireless Charging Stand Review 3

Choetech Fast Wireless Charging stand proves to be quite a competitive accessory. Despite having to arrange a power adapter by yourself, we think this is the best budget Fast Wireless Charging stand you can buy, that is, if you own a Samsung device. If you are looking for a charger that supports other brands, you should be looking elsewhere as Fast Wireless Charging stand by Choetech powers down to slower standard charging on non-Samsung phones. That said, for Samsung owners, they would be hard-pressed to find something that offers such a quality fast wireless charging experience in this price range.

For more wireless charger, please visit Choetech official website.

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