How to Check Notifications History in Android 4.3

Did you know Android keeps a log of all the notifications that you get on your Android device? Neither did we, but with the new Android 4.3 there is a hidden feature that lets developers access it. Notifications have a history log, similar to that of your call log. Unfortunately, you can’t access it as of now directly from anywhere in Android 4.3, but a developer has come up with a simple app that let’s you do just that.

Notification History is a free Android app that allows you to access the hidden Android 4.3 feature of accessing your notifications history. There is nothing much you can do it there other that checking your past notifications if you have missed any.


This notifications log is cleared when you restart your phone. Android 4.3 is only available on the Nexus family of devices by Google — and a few custom ROMs have showed up bringing the unofficial Android 4.3 based on CyanogenMod 10.2 to a few devices. This feature looks not completed yet, but Google must have some use of it in the next coming up Android release.

Download Notification History.

NOTE: This app will only work on Android 4.3.

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