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Google is slowly moving to Photos app as its only picture viewing app, leaving behind a void for a good Gallery app in Android. KitKat was the last iteration which came with a proprietary Gallery app, that made many users on Lollipop wonder where did the Gallery app go? In this article, we will detail some of the key Gallery apps we recommend for new users. These apps are chosen based on their simplicity, amount of features and most of all, a good viewing experience. These apps are compatible with almost Android phones and are meant as replacements for the Gallery app that ships with your device.

Day by day, we are greeted with new and better camera sensors. Selfies still remain as a big trend. How poor would it be if you have all of these beautiful photos and memories but your Gallery app is just isn’t top notch? We will be providing you with the best alternatives for viewing your pictures through these Gallery apps on your Android smartphone.

Best Gallery Apps for Android

Cyanogen Gallery

Cyanogen Gallery

Most of the latest smartphones have Google Photos as their default gallery application, and yes, many argue it isn’t the best. Cyanogen Gallery is basically the better version of Google Photos which user’s, including me, actually like. The theme layout and menu bars are similar to the ones in Google Photos, but it is far more better and improved. Some of the key features include:

  • Seamless cloud storage, now you get your pictures online, as well as offline. Never ever lose the epic moments again as the Cyanogen Gallery proves to provide one of the best gallery cloud storage.
  • Smart Folders, Integrated with GPS use, Cyanogen makes smart folders 100% by itself. According the location where the picture was taken, it saves it in a separate sub folder. So never ever have a problem to find your favorite vacation pictures.
  • Chromecast integration, share your prefect moments with family, friends and also family friends. Cyanogen Galley allows you to chromcast your gallery on the big screen.
  • Cloud synchronization, it allows you to synchronize not only to Cynogen servers, but any of your favorite serves. The synchronization for the mentioned servers is possible with Cyanogen Gallery:
    • Flickr
    • Google+ (Picasa)
    • Dropbox
    • Facebook

Download Now: Google Play [Directly Download APK]

QuickPic Gallery


An app is considered to be better if it does more good than bad. QuickPic Gallery is based on the same concept, it takes less space, less juice, less RAM and provides you with the best Gallery experience you can ask for. It is perfectly optimized for large screen phones, and also it has an ultra smooth user experience. These were the necessities of the alternative gallery app, now let’s move on to the extra features. QuickPic features you with finger gestures so that you waste no time in exploring your favorite gallery moments. It provides you with multiple themes to switch within, so you never get bored with one of them again. It allows you to save your photos on one of the premium servers on this planet, so that you don’t lost any of your precious pictures. Other than that, it also allows you to make slideshows of you favorite pictures and make sub-folders of them as you wish.

Download Now: Google Play

Piktures Gallery Photo & Video


User interface is a key ingredient in making of a perfect application of any genre. Specially, when it comes to reviewing pictures and videos, user interface plays a major role in making the experience worth while and comfortable. Piktures Gallery Photo & Video, is a picture and video viewing application created and designed by DIUNE Studios. DIUNE studios also believe that UI is a main constituent of an application. Hence their product, Piktures Gallery Photo & Video is awe-inspiring and very beautiful to look at. The color scheme and the pallet of different colors along with the graphics of the application are just mesmerizing to look at. Some of they key features of Piktures Gallery Photo & Video include;

  • Fast and Beautiful interface
  • Gesture-based, you just have to swipe and slide
  • Calendar view: innovative vertical scroll for fast browsing
  • Location view: filter by cities
  • Multiple sorting & grid options
  • Resize pictures before sharing
  • Hide albums
  • GIF Player
  • Direct access to your camera apps
  • Optimized for large screens including tablets

Download Now: Google Play

A+ Gallery Photos & Videos


iOS and Android, the two rivals. Let’s for one moment, forget the rivalry and praise what is good in both of them. Imagine iOS photo gallery, merged with the material design. Cool, eh? Well A+ Gallery Photos & Videos has done it. iOS styled gallery, merged with Android design guidelines and gesture controls makes it one epic picture viewing application for you. Not only does A+ Gallery Photos & Videos provides you with endless customization for their color themes along with a unique design for video playing. A+ Gallery Photos & Videos has some great side features to assist it too.

  • Free cloud backup to Dropbox, Facebook and Amazon cloud drive
  • Searching photos by image color
  • Handy photo albums organizer
  •  Using it as a Dropbox/Facebook/Amazon album downloader

Download Now: Google Play



Material design being a major plus point for Android, apps built around Material Design guidelines make them distinctive compared to other apps in the same category. Focus is integrated with Material Design and it gives you a pure “Lollipop” experience that sits with all other apps you might have installed on your phone. What advantages does it give you? Lets have a look.

  • Tag you photos; keeping pictures organized has never been easier, Focus let’s you keep your pictures organized by tagging it from 11 different presets.
  • Access any GIF; pictures and videos are a piece of cake for galleries nowadays, what sets Focus apart is that it can also access any other GIF you find on internet. Now that’s what steals the limelight.
  • Material Design Interface; As I mentioned  above. This integration of Material design makes a huge difference from your “maybe” mind to “definitely” one. You just definitely want to have this app in your mobile phone.
  • Prevents other from swiping pictures; if you have mischievous, or pervy friends, this might come in handy. Put a lock on your gallery, and prevent your friends to go through your library.

Download Now: Google Play

So these were our best picks for a Gallery app alternative for viewing those perfect memories.

What do you use? If it is anything other than the above mentioned ones, let us know in the comments below!

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