AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Earphones Review

As we gradually say goodbye to the 3.5mm headphone port, its now time to start looking for good earphones that work on USB Type-C — the single I/O port meant for audio, charging, data transfers and more on modern phones. In bids to offer quality sound and great build, AIAIAI — a high-quality audio brand hailing from Denmark — has come up with Pipe 2.0 which run through USB Type-C. We have had the earphones for a while now and here is our complete review!

Whats most intriguing about these pair of earphones is, they are Made for Google. Basically, catered to Pixel lineup of phones, Pipe 2.0 have been certified by Google for compatibility with their devices. While this doesn’t restrict their function with other hardware from different brands, it just tells the story about the quality of this accessory. Integrated microphone, stealth black design and integrated volume controls are some of the features which make up Pipe 2.0.

AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Earphones

Technical Specifications

Here are the specs for Pipe 2.0:

  • Cord Length: 1.2 metres
  • Weight: 18g
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C
  • Colors: Black / Grey
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Audio driver size: 9mm

Whats in the Box?

AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 - Box Contents

Pipe 2.0 come in minimal packaging. Uniquely, within the main accessory box, there are two thread-tied envelopes. One is for the headphones whilst the other is for the extra earbuds and user manual. There are 7 set of extra earbuds present and each of them comes in various different colors. That’s all for the box contents!

Build and Design

AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 Ear Tips

Starting with the design, Pipe 2.0 follows a discrete yet practical outlook. Rather than glossy plastic or intricate shapes for the earpiece itself, these pair of earphones have an overall rubberized matte finish along with standard bullet shape for the earpieces. Available in black or grey, these blend in well for everyday use. The overall volume of each earpiece is on the lower-end and as they are light, the ear-fitment is great.

Further, there is an elongated, pill shaped housing on the right side which features volume controls and a single action button. Also, housed within, is the microphone. For buttons, there are a total of three seperate ones. Top and bottom represent volume while the middle one is for actions such as play/pause. The feedback from each is tactile and they follow the same black rubberized coating as rest of the build which seems to be quite durable and less susceptible to wear. Unfortunately, despite being Google-centric earphones, there is no assistant activation button.

AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Earphones

Both earpieces have equal as well as fixed length of wire from the point where they split. Also, the split section merges them into one single wire that then connects to your phone. The cord length is 1.2m which equates to 46.5 inches. While the length is adequate, missing is any sort of cable management clip that can help reduce slack. Speaking of the cord, it is a standard cylindrical shape and has a matte finish.

Branding on the earphones is discrete. The USB Type-C connector is where you would find the only AIAIAI logo.

Sound Quality

AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Earphones Review 4

For any earphones, sound is what users look for most. Many regard Design and other aspects as second to sound when buying any headphones. We are glad to report, for where the Pipe 2.0 are priced, sound quality is good. Clarity is good, the headphones handle high volume quite well and the lows are great. Being closed-back earphones, the sound isn’t realistic but that’s a drawback of the type. Sound leakage at full volume is less but still present.

Microphone on the Pipe 2.0 is omni-directional which is great plus. It works well and delivers great sound. Apart from testing these on mobile devices, we had a similar experience on full-fledged computers.


AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Connector

Advertised to work best with Google phones, Pipe 2.0 work well on any USB Type-C mobile device or computer. Some non-Google phones might have trouble understanding the microphone which is a drawback but the audio quality is just as good.


AIAIAI Pipe 2.0 USB Type-C Earphones Review 5

Pipe 2.0 is a very practical earphone offering. The pricing of 40$ gets you a basic pair of earphones that work over USB Type-C, have durable build and come from a brand that has great experience in Audio. If you are looking to get a standard earphone pair for your USB Type-C device, this well could be the answer.


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