How to Delete Google Play Store Search History

Here you can find out how to delete and clear Google Play search history from your Android phone or tablet. The Play Store is this big marketplace where you can download millions of apps, games, movies, TV shows and lots of music. This store app features a big universal search bar that is used to search for all the previously mentioned categories. Now in case you do not want anyone to go through your search history, you can quickly delete it from the phone.

Google Play Store likes to store your every item you search for in the form of keywords and or search list that you can quickly re-visit from a drop-down list. This can actually slow down the Google Play app on some budget-phones because every time you tap on the “search bar”, the app will also retrieve the list of your last searched items.

One of the main reasons why would anyone want to delete their search history on Google Play will be for privacy reasons. If your phone is used publicly by several people, like an official number in a cafe, restaurant or a general store – then you definitely might not want others to see what you have searched for on the phone.

Clear Google Play Search History on Android

Your search history on the Google Play Store is stored locally on the Android device itself. So clearing it only takes a few seconds. You will need to repeat this process again if you use the same Google account on multiple Android devices.

Here is how you can clear Google Play search history from your phone:

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • From the top-left side, tap the ‘Menu‘ button and tap on Settings
  • When inside the Settings screen, look for the option “Clear local search history” and tap on it once.

NOTE: This only works on Android, not on desktop browsers.

This is pretty much everything you need to do. Now if you go back to the main home screen and try searching for an item on the store, you will not see your previously searched apps or games. This whole process is this easy!

If you do not see the above option to delete your Google Play Store search history, consider downloading the latest Play Store app.

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