How to Enable Dark Theme in Google Keyboard, Extend Battery Life

Google has recently introduced a new update for its Gboard which carries a new feature that lets users save power on OLED screens by automatically enabling dark mode. For explanation, OLED screens turn off pixels to represent blacks hence when they display darker colors, these displays consume considerably less battery. On top of the obvious power savings, this theme also looks much better than the stock light version that everyone has gotten used to. With this guide, we will show you how you can enable Gboard to automatically turn on the dark theme when battery saver is active. Make sure you are running latest 7.6.13 version or above of Gboard, only then you can take advantage of this new feature introduced.

Google’s recommended setting is that you set the dark them to switch on when the battery saver of your smartphone is enabled. This will help you save power on OLED screens. After switching it on, whenever your phone’s battery saver mode is turned on, Gboard will automatically turn to a dark theme. However, when you will disable the battery saver then the Gboard will switch back to the light theme. It is a great way to save the battery for some important purposes. We have written a complete guide to enable the Dark Theme in your Gboard.

Enable Dark Theme on Gboard, Google Keyboard

It’s a good feature but the fact is that it is reliant on the battery saving mode only. You cannot use this feature until the battery saver is not turned on. Anyhow, if you want to use this new feature then make sure that you have the Gboards 7.6.13 version. Keep reading ahead and follow the step-by-step guide given below to enable the dark theme on your smartphone’s Gboard.

How to Enable Dark Theme on Gboard

Step 1 – First make sure that you have the latest version (7.6.13) of Gboard on your Android smartphone. If not, head on to Play Store and update your app.

Step 2 – Now, go to the Gboard settings. Gboard settings can be found in the app drawer or by opening up the keyboard and long pressing the comma key until you see a Gear icon.

Step 3 – Under Preferences scroll down to the Layout subsection.

Step 5 – A new toggle should be waiting for you there stating Switch to the dark theme in battery saver.”

How to Enable Dark Theme in Google Keyboard, Extend Battery Life 1

Step 6 – Switch on the toggle to enable it.

Now you have enabled the dark theme on your Gboard. Drop a comment below and tell how much battery it saved for you in a day.

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