How to Fix Galaxy Note FE Touchscreen Issue

How to Fix Galaxy Note FE Touchscreen Issue 1

With this tutorial learn how to fix touchscreen issue on Galaxy Note FE. Samsung’s Galaxy Note FE is basically a revised Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but with a more conservative battery module. In this guide, we will tackle how you can fix a device with unresponsive touch screen. Before you declare hardware fault on your Note FE, follow the ahead mentioned steps to rule out any software glitches. It occurs quite rarely that there are bugs in the display drivers hence resulting in problems for users such as unresponsiveness. Hopefully, with the remedies ahead, you can address and fix Galaxy Note FE touchscreen problems.

This guide also tries to address the input lag that users experience on their Galaxy Note FE smartphones. No doubt, this problem can be very frustrating for owners. As previously stated, the first assumption might be hardware faults but before you try out the solutions ahead, don’t take it as the final answer. In order to fully solve this problem, we have covered a list of methods which you can try on your Galaxy Note FE to fix touchscreen issues.

Fix Galaxy Note FE Touchscreen Issue

There have also been reports by users that their Galaxy Note FE has become unresponsive in a certain area. Keeping in mind that your touchscreen isn’t working, we have explained steps ahead to solve this problem.

Fix Galaxy Note FE Touchscreen Issue

Apply all of these methods one by one:

Method 1 – Touch Screen Firmware Update

Note: This assumes that only a certain part of the phone touchscreen are is unresponsive and you can still follow the steps ahead easily. If not, you can connect a USB mouse to your smartphone through a microUSB to USB adapter.

Step 1 – Open the dialer of you Galaxy Note FE and dial *#2336# and it will open a new screen.

Step 2 – The opened screen will have an option of upgrading TSP firmware and Refresh Wifi. Select the Upgrade TSP firmware.

Step 3 – Now the touch screen firmware will start upgrading.

Step 4 – Once done with the updating, reboot your device and check the unresponsive area for your Galaxy Note FE.

Method 2 – Check Screen Touch in Safe Mode

Sometimes there are applications that you have installed which are causing glitches with your touchscreen. You can check this in Safe Mode.

Step 1 – Turn off your phone completely by pressing and holding the power button then selecting the Power Off option from the popup.

Step 2 – Turn on the phone and press and hold the Volume Down key with the Samsung logo appears

Step 3 – Keep the Volume Down key pressed until the home screen shows up. When the home screen appears you will see a Safe Mode watermark at the bottom corner.

Step 4 – Now the installed applications are disabled and you can check the unresponsive area of your phone.

Step 5 – Now reboot your phone and uninstall any doubtful recently installed applications.

Method 3 – Clear The Cache

Clearing cache can also resolve the touch issue on your phone.

Step 1 – Turn off your phone just the previous method which is by pressing the power key.

Step 2 – Now turn on your phone in recovery mode by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power button.

Step 3 – In recovery mode screen, use volume keys to navigate and highlight Wipe cache partition and use power key to select the option.

Step 4 – Reboot your Note FE in normal mode and check the unresponsive area.

Method 4 – Factory Reset The Galaxy Note FE

If nothing works, then the last resort is the doing the factory reset and make your phone like it you just bought it.

Step 1 – Turn of your phone and turn it on in recovery mode by following the steps given in Method 3

Step 2 – Now highlight the wipe factory data reset option and use power key to select this option.

Step 3 – Reboot your phone and check the screen.

Hopefully, these methods should have resolved touchscreen problems on your Galaxy Note FE. If you have any problem in understanding the steps, just drop a comment below.

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  1. Rashid Avatar

    My s7 edge showing 3 finger issues sometimes only it work.i check with tspfw update(*#2663#) still it showing the same.after tspfw updation some time it will working.after that it shown like same.can you please help me to getting out of this issue.

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