How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Rotation Problem

With this guide you can find out how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen rotation problem. Galaxy Note 8 is currently the latest flagship in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, grabbing a lot of attention at its launch in September of 2017. Majority of loyal Note lovers have already bought Note 8 and they are totally enjoying it as this latest flagship of Note series has provided users with a lot of great features. However, there is a certain software glitch that users have recently started reporting, it involves screen not switching viewing modes when rotated. We have few remedies listed ahead which hopefully will address that.

The main reason behind this abnormal behavior is an issue relating to the software not responding to gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. To check the gyroscope and accelerometer hardware, just dial the secret number (*#0*#) but there are low chances of a physical issue, rather, as explained, it is a software glitch which isn’t doing what it is supposed to do when the user rotates the Galaxy Note 8. Ahead, methods are listed for how to fix Galaxy Note 8 screen rotation issues.

Fix Screen Rotation Problem, Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Latest application updates or security patches can resolve the rotating issue but sometimes, there is a flaw in something else, like a user installed app. Similarly, there are more than one solution to this problem. You should go about testing each one and seeing whether that resolves the issue.

Fix Galaxy Note 8 Screen Rotation Problem

Here are some of the methods you can try out to fix auto-rotate, rotation issues. Also, before you begin, make sure you are updated to most recent official Android version:

Method 1 – Turn On Auto Rotation

Step 1 – To turn on auto rotation, just pull down the notification panel from the top of the screen on your Galaxy Note 8.

Step 2 – After pulling down the notification panel, check the rotation button. If it is in Portrait mode, change it to auto rotation.

Step 3 – Then restart your phone by pressing the power button and selecting the “Restart Phone” option.

Try rotating your phone when it is completely turned on. The screen should rotate now.

Method 2 – Clear Cache Of Galaxy Note 8

Step 1 – Turn off your Galaxy Note 8 by pressing the power button

Step 2 – Now turn on your Galaxy Note 8 device in recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Bixby + Power button. Having troubles? Read our dedicated article: How to access Galaxy Note 8 recovery.

Galaxy Note 8 Recovery Mode

Step 3 – Use the volume keys to navigate through the recovery mode menu and highlight the “wipe cache partition” option then press the power key to make the selection.

Step 4 – After the Cache is cleared, reboot your device

Now check the rotation of your Note 8.

Method 3 – Finding Faulty Application

Step 1 – Turn off your device and then turn if back on. When the Samsung logo appears press the Volume Down button.

Step 2 – Keep holding the volume down button until you are on the home screen of your phone. Now you have entered the safe mode which can be seen on the bottom corner of the screen.

Step 3 – Now turn on auto rotation (Follow Method 1) and check if your phone’s display is rotating.

Step 4 – If your phone rotation is working, then this points out there is an application you have installed which is causing this issue.

Now you have to delete some of the recently installed applications then the rotation will start working in normal mode.

Method 4 – Install Rotation Control App From Play Store

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Rotation Problem 3

If any of the above solution didn’t fix your phone’s rotation, then the last resort is to install Rotation Control application from the Play Store which allows the user to rotate screen manually — no sensors required.

If you have any questions of still having issues, just drop a comment below. As a last resort, we suggest factory resetting your phone. If that doesn’t work, you might need to take your phone to a repair center.

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  1. Am I the only Note 8 user who doesn’t have the Auto Rotate toggle button from their pull down menu? Looks like I have to install a 3rd party app for a button I had before but now has mysteriously vanished.

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