How To: Fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error Message

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Google Play Store has this very common error which shows up when you least expect anything to go wrong. “No connection – Retry” error message comes up when the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet fails to connect to the Internet, even though the Internet is working perfectly fine with other apps on your phone. I got stuck with this yesterday and almost banged my head on the wall trying to get my Google Play Store back to work – I even ended up replacing the entire Google Play Store app on my phone.

How did I fix it? There are several ways to fix and get rid of this “No connection – Retry” error message. After much head-scratching and reading through dozens of forum posts, I was able to come up with a few solutions, that could help you fix this error message on Android phone or tablet.

No Connection - Retry - Google Play Store

How To Fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error Message

Like I mentioned earlier, there are multiple solutions and tips that you could try to fix this error message. I mentioned them below. Fix solution no. 2 worked for me!

Solution 1 – Check your Gmail / Google account password. Have you recently changed it? If yes, then you will need to re-enter your password on your Android device to get all your Google services back. As soon as you change your Google account password, your device gets a notification to enter the new password. Do it or your Google Play Store or any other Google service will not sync or work properly.

Solution 2 – Clear the Play Store cache. The Google Play Store app on your Android device stores some cache data on your device which could be one of the reasons why you are not able to connect to Google servers using the app and keep getting the “No connection – Retry” error message. How to fix it? Read the quick and easy steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Scroll to All apps and then scroll down to “Google Play Store” app.
  • Open the app details and tap on the “Force stop” button.
  • Then, tap on the “Clear cache” button.

That’s it. Now start the Google Play Store app on your phone / tablet and it should load and work absolutely fine!

Solution 3 – Check the date and time of your device. Yes, this was the problem with majority of users complaining about this error message in their Google Play Store app. If your date and time are not correctly set, you will again the “No connection – Retry” error message.

Solution 4 – Force re-install Google Play Store app. You can try uninstalling all the app updates on your phone and re-install the Google Play Store APK again to see if that would work for you. For instructions on how to download Google Play Store APK and installation instructions, read here for the tutorial!

Solution 5 – Last, factory reset your phone. We do not want you to do this, but this seems to be the last option if the Google Play Store just doesn’t work. However, before you try doing this, please make sure you backup your Android phone or tablet as a factory reset will completely wipe out all your data. You can go through some of the backup tips given below, if needed:

These were the few solutions we think could fix your Google Play Store app for the “No connection – Retry” error message. Some other solution worked for you? Please do point that out in the comments below as it would be helpful to other readers who have been trying to fix Google Play Store app.

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52 responses to “How To: Fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error Message”

  1. xenios Avatar

    it doesn’t solve anything

    1. yth Avatar
    2. Mohamad Zeidan El-Khalayli Avatar

      Go to setting -> Application manager and press on Google Play Store icon , then click on uninstall updates then OK.
      Now go to setting -> Application manager again and press Google Play Services (if you don’t find it then skip this), if you find it press uninstall updates then OK.

      Now go to setting and find the Google account under the Accounts bar in the settings , press on the Google account icon, then press on the account you are registered with, and then press on remove account, again press on remove account.

      Now open the Play Store , press on Existing and sign in with your existing account.

      Hope this help ^-^

      1. Brian V Avatar
        Brian V

        this worked for me!!

      2. saligta Avatar

        Not working because can’t connet

      3. Babar Khans Avatar
        Babar Khans

        no sir. then this msg shows ..Couldn`t sign in
        Cant establish a reliable connection to the server.

        This could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisined far data services. if it continues, call customer care, plzzzz help me

        1. Avatar

          i also get same problem.. how can i solve this please help me out

        2. dragondj Avatar

          did you fix it??
          and if you did then how please??

      4. Nasir Mahmood Avatar

        Worked for me. 🙂 Thanks

  2. Matt Avatar

    I will try the backup becasuse id doesnt solve anyth.

  3. subash Avatar

    thanks a ton

  4. gerry balamiento Avatar
    gerry balamiento

    none of it works.. as i have done everything. except for number one since i havent changed my password and it is still working on the desktop pc but my gmail on my phone, is not loading.

    1. Lewejenitzzaj Jazztinnejewel Avatar
      Lewejenitzzaj Jazztinnejewel

      Okay… If it doesn’t work, and your phone is rooted, open root explorer,search for the folder named “etc”. Open the file called “host” with text editor… As you can see there are two (2) IP addresses.. On the second IP address, put “#” before it.. Save it then reboot

      1. brat Avatar

        I only have one address in hosts.. what now?

      2. HAssAn AhmEd Avatar
        HAssAn AhmEd

        thanks it works on HTC RHYME 😀

      3. Logan Jackary Avatar
        Logan Jackary

        Thanks so much!! That worked! On nexus 7

  5. karanisle Avatar

    @ Mohamad Zeidan El-Khalayli , thanks for the great information 🙂

  6. April Palmer Avatar
    April Palmer

    Bless your bloomin’ heart. Mine was the date/time issue – my 4-year-old had changed it. Thank you!!

  7. Evan Avatar

    Thanks so much! Didnt know that date and time was a factor for google play store to not function

  8. Steven Avatar

    The time setting works great on me. Thanks for this one !

  9. Arsen Khachaturyan Avatar
    Arsen Khachaturyan

    Great post!!!

    In my case the problem was associated with incorrect system date time.

  10. Birdy Avatar

    In my case the time and date were the problem lol xD Thanks 4 the article man 😉

  11. nuni Avatar

    you forget something that works for me….if you log in as google account as your mail….pouf ! not working 🙂 so setup your mail as g mail and then Google play like a charm…

  12. JEMIOS Avatar


  13. Sarutobisasuke8 Avatar

    I tried option 1 2 and 3 which didnt work. Tried a factory reset which worked 🙂 Thanks

  14. Greg Kamer Avatar
    Greg Kamer

    After trying everything else, I checked the time/date on my device. Some how, the date was set to July 23rd, 2012 and the time was set to 3:32pm. Set it to correct date/time and now all is working fine. Wonder how those got changed in the first place?

  15. matt Avatar

    date and time were off on my sons tablet. I changed it to current date and time. problem fixed! thanks!!!

  16. Zec Avatar

    Go to recovery do a wipe dalvik and cache partition and do a factory reset in the recovery mode.This method worked for my galaxy s5 (sorry for the bad english I’m from Bosnia…)

  17. John Avatar

    When I press “force stop” as a part of solution 2, it warns that doing this could cause errors. Should I be worried?

  18. Nabeel Afzal Avatar
    Nabeel Afzal

    Please help me i tried all those things but play store don’t work
    i reset time and date, delete cache or data. uninstall updates , force stop or signing in again untill i reset my device but currently it is not working please help me please anybody

  19. Lisa J Avatar
    Lisa J

    brand new phone showing this error I’ve tried everything 🙁

  20. Roshan Dhanke Avatar
    Roshan Dhanke

    thank u very very much my problem is sloved

  21. Gregor Avatar

    I even can’t make an account or log in to my account!!

  22. Guest Avatar

    Uninstall Google play and reinstall factory version

  23. carlos Avatar

    pano po maayosung google play store ko

  24. Andrew Heard Avatar
    Andrew Heard

    none of suggestions 1..5 worked for me, my hosts file only has the 1 line, still cant fix this problem

  25. Missmydumbphone Avatar

    I have an LG38c optimus and google play worked fine until one day my phone crashed and when I restarted it, I had lost my tracfone minutes widget and could no longer connect to google play store. I can log into my gmail account just fine on the phone and on pc. I can also connect to skype on my phone so it isn’t my WiFi connection or my data plan. I have tried all of these suggestions except factor reset which I am not wanting to do.

  26. Tyler Avatar

    You legend…thank you so much

  27. Wolf779965 Avatar

    I’ve had this problem an several devices – but only in my home wlan area. So I guessed it was a problem with the rooter. After a rooter reset it got a new IP address – and all works fine!

  28. somejerk Avatar

    i notice another android device couldnt connect either, so i added the google dns ( to my router’s dns list and it worked just fine.
    You might need to reconnect your wifi for changes to take effect

  29. Rafa Avatar

    Hi guys just to let you know. I solved this issue just by re-starting my wi-fi router. Simple as that

  30. nick Avatar

    thank you alot….i did a reset and it worked

  31. joebest2004 Avatar

    Another solution is to make a new google acoount on your device, open the play store then delete the new account.

    1. Deacon Blues Avatar
      Deacon Blues

      Cant make a new account on the device. As soon as you select Add Account is when you get the error. Cant open Playstore or any other google app as you get the same error.

  32. Lauritz Ld Avatar
    Lauritz Ld

    Tried it all… Still not workin

  33. max Avatar

    thank you very much, iapreciate it.
    now I can run my playstore
    you are the best man

  34. ecoleman Avatar

    I’ve had my android phone for 3 hours and already the play store has stopped working. After 3 hours of setting everything up I now have to reset it. Actually I’m going to reset it and put it back in the box and return the piece of shit.

  35. Deacon Blues Avatar
    Deacon Blues

    None of those worked. Not 1. Brand new out of the box Android 5.1.1 … everything works fine except for google related things. Cant use the Youtube work around since Youtube is a google based app. Dont wast your time rooting so you can edit the host file … that dont work either.

  36. incognito67 Avatar

    all you have to do in this case is reset your network connections…took my 1 minuet to figure this out

  37. topik Avatar

    Edit file hosts bro!!!!, caranya, lewat root explorer, hh dalam kondisi rooted, lalu cari di directory /system/etc/hosts , edit file hosts , dell all content, excep list localhost,
    pasti beress

    1. HasH Avatar

      thanks, that was the problem. never even thought to check that!

  38. lakshmi priya karri Avatar
    lakshmi priya karri

    hi team, iam noy able ti access my playstore when i changed my google account contacts and people details are not getting syncronised i tried many ways of clering data in contacts and playstore bt nothong resolved my problem plzz suggest me a good answer to get rid of this problem.i am not able to download anything from playstore

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