Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter Review

Improving normal run of the mill power plug converters, Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter is an interesting accessory that bridges together a plug converter and a full-fledged multi-port USB charger. When on the go, this travel adapter will do the job for two things in one package. If you are looking to get the Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter, we have had ours for a while and here is our detailed review on the product.

Seeing how the accessory serves a multi-purpose, it has to deliver well in all regards. Before we dive into the product itself, its important to discuss Xcentz as a brand and their philosophy. Originally founded in 2018, Xcentz makes a variety of digital devices that provide function without being expensive. Their motto Tech that gets you exclaims how the brand is focused on making technology products suited for all consumers.

Xcentz Power Adapter

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Whats in the Box

Before we dive into the detailed review, lets look at what comes in the box when you purchase Xcentz PD Universal Power Adapter. To begin with, the box itself is white and branding is pretty straight forward. There is a Xcentz logo on top and more details on the underside. Within the box, you get the Power Adapter, completely assembled and also some paperwork such as warranty and use information. That’s all for the box and for this accessory, totally adequate as well.

Xcentz Power Adapter


Xcentz PD Universal Power Adapter offers plug conversion from many inputs to three main output styles. Each output plug is fit for a certain region such as UK, USA or Australia / China. For input, there is a single input area which accepts almost all styles of switches.

All Output Plugs

Now, adding to plug converter functionality, Xcentz has managed to pack in 4 USB ports for charging. There are 3 USB type-A ports and 1 USB Type-C port with PowerDelivery — power output of each discussed in detail in the next section.

Xcentz Travel Adapter

Also, uniquely, the main input plug can be removed to form a simple plug converter from various inputs to a simple EU plug. This makes it quite convenient when you don’t want to plug the complete accessory. Further, EU plug is also compatible in most countries so it makes sense Xcentz went with EU rather than any other. While you can remove the plug, you can also swap it either upwards or downwards, whichever is convenient for the situation you are in — a small but quite useful function!

Power Output

Before we jump into the USB charging outputs, lets look at Xcentz Universal Power Adapter’s main plug ratings:

  • Stand-alone EU Plug Supports up to 16A and 3680W
  • Complete Accessory Supports up to 10A and 2300W

These ratings clearly show the accessory is well suited for high-voltage devices and machines. For reference, a high-end gaming PC requires 1200W to 1500W. As for the USB charging ports, here is the distribution:

  • 3 USB Type-A Ports with 2.4A of Max Output
  • 1 USB Type-C Port with Power Delivery, QC 3.0 and 18W of Max Output
Xcentz USB-C PD Adapter

USB Type-C is an impressive port addition. For smaller laptops, tablets and latest smartphones, this will provide fast charging to all of them hence no reason to bring along proprietary adapters whenever you are on the go.

Build and Design

Xcentz Universal Power adapter carries a cube shape, all wrapped in a rubberized finish. The design is quite intuitive as it features knobs on one end of the cube and visible sliding rails. Further, each knob has a different plug style associated with it. The top one is for USA layout, second is for UK and third is for Australia or China region.

Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter Review 4

Once you slide an individual knob, it automatically locks up upon reaching the end, ensuring that the plug doesn’t slide back when actually inserting into the power-port. To retract, you just have to push on the knob this time around while sliding it back. As some might try to find if all plugs can be pulled out at once, Xcentz has thought of that and there is a mechanism which disables other knobs once a single one is engaged, quite logical!

All the USB ports, including the USB Power Delivery Type-C port are found at the bottom of the device which makes for easy cable management and a cleaner look when plugged in. To indicate when there is power to the Universal Power Adapter, there is a small blue light at the front which lights up. The LED is quite small and wouldn’t be much annoyance if you have it plugged near your bedside.


Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter Review 5

Xcentz Universal Power Adapter follows high safety standards and features Smart Xpower on all three USB Type-A ports to ensure reliable current output. These are the standards that Xcentz Power Adapter follows:

  • ROHS Certified
  • FC Certified
  • CE Certified

To further protect any connected devices, there is surge protection built-in. There is a simple button on top which reengages the surge fuse once it has gone off. The switch disengages on 8A Overload input.


Xcentz 18W PD Universal Power Adapter Review 6

We love accessories that pack in diverse functionality and deliver it in a reliable, good looking package. For Xcentz 18W PD Universal Adapter, it ticks all the boxes. With this adapter, you can easily avoid carrying 2 to 5 extra chargers. Furthermore, as a plug converter is already needed whenever on the go, why not get one that charges devices simultaneously and still carries all the versatility? The thoughtful removable simple plug design, latest-gen Power Delivery Type-C port, $30 price and a matte finish is what we love about Xcentz’s Universal Adapter. If there was one thing that we could add further to this package, it would be higher output on USB PD port.

Where to Buy

Here are the options where you can get Xcentz 18W PD Universal Adapter:

Xcentz 18W PD Universal Adapter Gallery

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