Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review

This is our in-depth review on the Tronsmart Element Mega bluetooth speaker. Replacing the boom-boxes of old are new bluetooth speakers which give you larger sound but in a compact package that doesn’t require to be plugged in. Building on this concept, Tronsmart has come up with a rather powerful Element Mega unit which boasts 40W of sound in a relatively compact package. We have had the product with us for quite some time and in this review we will discuss it in detail.

A bit of background on the brand itself, Tronsmart has been making some exceptional accessories over the past few years. We recently had a chance to test out their Power Delivery supported powerbank named Brio (Tronsmart Brio Review) and also their truly wireless Encore Spunky Wireless earbuds. Also present in their diverse portfolio is the Element Mega Bluetooth speaker. Designed to fill a room and provide adequate sound, read our complete review ahead.

Tronsmart Element Mega Speaker Review

What’s Inside the Box

Taking a look at Tronsmart Element Mega package, customers get the speaker itself, accessory cables which include AUX and microUSB to USB for charging, warranty card and an instructional manual. The box is black — different from white, orange and purple packaging Tronsmart accessories have. Further, the key features have been detailed at the back of the box. The packaging is quite straight forward but thanks to the use of an opening magnetic flap, it feels premium and is quite convenient to get into.

Tronsmart Element Mega Review

Design and Build

For electronics, especially, the build quality and design matters quite a lot for user. In this department, we have found the Element Mega to be quite established. Carrying the Tronsmart ethos, the speaker is avaiable in only black color. There is a metal perforated grill encompassing the majority height of the speaker as well as connecting plastic top and bottom pieces. Further, there is also a prominent Tronsmart logo painted in silver on the front side.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review 2

The distinguishing design characteristic with this speaker is, arguably, the top touch sensitive button panel. Once you switch on Element Mega, the top illuminates with this soft filling white light. Further, the top part has this rubberized coating which is normally found on gaming mice. Speaking of powering the speaker, we don’t love the fact that there is a sliding physical button on the back which is used to switch it on. It makes it feel dated is quite difficult to use when using at night. Also, if you don’t have any device connected or content playing, the speaker will power off after being on standby and you would have to manually turn it off and on again to connect.

For input and output, there is a standard selection. You get auxiliary input for physical connection, microSD card reader and a microUSB port for power. What’s missing is USB, probably not needed but would’ve been great to have it. Moving along, there are visible speakers on the front as well as the back. The oval shaped modules are sub-woofers while the round ones are for higher frequencies. lastly, there are rubber feet at the bottom to reduce vibration and also prevent slipping.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review 3

Sound Quality

Tronsmart is promising high-quality sound from its Element Mega. It boasts that there is 40W of total output from this single unit. In our testing, we found the sound to be quite clear and pronounced without any muffling. The volume is what we absolutely love as it gets amazingly loud — enough to fill a large closed bedroom — and that too, without distortion. Further, the base is quite strong as well, something we don’t expect from such a compact arrangement. Digital Signal Processing technology integrated within also helps to sort out any distortion due to interference of signals.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review 4

There is a built-in microphone as well within the unit which makes it eligible to answer and receive calls directly. The sound quality within call was quite crisp and the person on the other end didn’t have issues hearing as well. Hence, Tronsmart Element Mega can easily be used as a centralized conference call speaker. That’s not all, if you ever feel to cover a large space or want to attach these to a media center, Tronsmart comes with Stereo pairing. This means, you can pair two speakers with each other and they will then relay sound in stereo rather than duplicate a single signal — a big plus for using Element Mega on your desk.

Key Additional Features


Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review 5

Securing good build and great sound is particularly easy for mass accessory manufactures but the additional features that Element Mega from Tronsmart offers, truly make it unique. There is built-in NFC for much easier pairing. All you have to do is, enable NFC on your device, tap on the NFC Logo present on top and that’s it, your device should be paired! Also what we love is Tronsmart’s new take on the controls. Rather than going for physical buttons, there is a touch-sensitive panel on top which lets you manage the speaker easily. This panel illuminates as well so that it can be used regardless of the lighting situation. The volume functions are given as sliding controls but I found myself individually tapping the plus, minus buttons for a more precise setting.

Portability and Battery Performance

Essentially, Tronsmart Element Mega is a system of multiple speakers being powered by a large battery, all combined into a single unit. The size is definitely on the bigger end but that’s expected as the sound matches and so does the amazing 12 hours plus of usage time. We got even farther than that if utilized at 50% volume. There are other smaller bluetooth units available but we think the Element Mega hits a great balance. It is large enough to provide powerful sound along with longer playback times and still can be lugged around in a backpack quite easily. We would have appreciated if Tronsmart included a soft cloth cover for the unit to prevent scratches.

Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth Speaker Review 6


Tronsmart Element Mega has a lot going for it especially the amazingly loud and clear sound, extensive battery life and NFC built-in. The only cons would be the larger size but then again, any thing lesser than this will have a compromise on sound and battery. The design is quite straight-forward which we appreciate. A missing USB port and reliance on older and slower microUSB port for charging are the only cons for this, otherwise, awesome bluetooth speaker!

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