Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012

The Holy month of Ramadan has just started for the Muslims all over the world and with that, comes Ramadan related Android apps as well. We would like to bring you the best Ramadan Android apps we could find which would help you through this Holy month.

Ramadan 2012 calendar, to-do lists, Iftar/Sehr timetable and alarms etc. We have made sure our list of Android apps consists of all these. Let’s get on with the list of Ramadan apps below after the jump.

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012

Here is a list of the best Ramadan apps available for Android phones at the Google Play Store. Let us know if you find these apps useful.

Ramadan 2012

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012 1

Ramadan 2012 is an application dedicated to Muslim people. Everywhere and any time, this Ramadan’s calendar for Android is the best way to know Imsak and Iftar’s times. Clean, simple and reliable.


This app offering a multitude of services and allows users to:

  • Consult the current date of the month and the 5 islamic prayer times, “imsak” and “iftar” for more than 251 countries.
  • Add a location using manually selected city. The internal database containing more than 251 countries and 6 000 000 cities. Very useful during your travel.
  • Activate automatic prayers notifications to never miss a prayer again. Alarm options can be set to start selected minutes before Iftar/Sehar.
  • Remember supplications and salutations (Hadith and Dua) that are highly recommended to be recited during the Month of Ramadan including the Nights of Power (Laylat al-Qadr).

Ramadan 2012’s team understands the importance of prayers during the Holy month of Ramadan. We bring you a useful application that will keep you updated on the correct prayer timings throughout the month.

Download Ramadan 2012 from Google Play Store.

Ramadan Wallpapers

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012 2

Ramadan wallpapers application with the most beautiful pictures of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims around the world anticipate the arrival of the holiest month of the year. All the images connected to Ramadan are carefully picked for all the size of your homescreen of Android phones.

Download Ramadan Wallpapers from Google Play Store.

Ramadan 2012 Calendar

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012 3

This is a complete app which contains duas and complete schedule for seher and aftar. One can see the seher and aftar timings on daily basis also there is an option to see the seher and aftar timings for the whole month. This application also contains the complete schedule of prayer timings for the month of Ramadan. One can also choose his school of thoughts and switch between Hanfi and Shafi.


  • Monthly view for Ramadan timings.
  • Supports different time calculation methods.
  • Daily Salat Timings.
  • Hijri Calendar
  • Switching between Hanfi and Shafi timing
  • Alarm for all salat timings

Download Ramadan 2012 Calendar from Google Play Store.

Ramadan Achievements

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012 4

Ramadan Achievements application will help you remember all the good things you can do this Ramadan.

Here is the list that will remind you to send a neighbor Iftar snacks, feed a homeless person, feed a poor person in another country, greet everyone with a smile and salaam today, pray all five daily prayers in the masjid, donatemoney to charity, read a sectionof the Quran every daytrying to complete the Quran by the end of Ramadan, contact family and friends you haven’t spoke to in a long time, perform Taraweeh prayer, learn more about Ramadan, Provide food for Iftar for 10 of your friends, Spend the last ten days of Ramadan in the Masjid (I’tikaf), and a lot more…!

Download Ramadan Achievements from Google Play Store.

Ramadan SMS

Top Ramadan Android Apps for 2012 5

A collection of nice Ramadan SMS messages which you can send to your contact list in this Holy month of Ramadan.

Download Ramadan SMS from Google Play Store.

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