Download Google Camera 7.3 APK for Google Pixel and Other Android Phones

The latest version of Google Camera is now available to Google Pixel users. And with this, here is how you can download Google Camera 7.3 APK and GCam Mod 7.3 APK for your Android phone. Developed specifically for Pixel phones, Google Camera app is what makes Night Sight, Portrait Mode and more such features possible. Over the past couple of years, Google has deployed numerous software technologies within its Camera app to improve the overall mobile photography experience. In this recent release, the app has received multiple new refinements which make it even better than before. To download Google Camera 7.3 APK, continue reading ahead.

Seeing how Google Camera is just a piece of software which can be deployed on any hardware, many developers have successfully ported the app to non-Pixel phones. Despite Google Camera 7.3 being announced just recently, there is a Beta port already available that works on Non-Pixel devices. Whether you are a Pixel user or have any other Android phone, you can manually download Google Camera 7.3 APK and install it with this how-to.

Download Google Camera 7.3 APK

What’s new in Google Camera 7.3?

While the official Play Store change-log is the same as previous releases, users have discovered changes on their own by exploring the app. Changed from previous iteration, Flash option now has top position replacing Motion setting. Next, the app can now initiate Do Not Disturb when video recording so you do not get sounds from apps or vibration while recording video.

Inside the app’s code base, developers were able to find out new code that hints at future features such as 24 FPS recording. Take this feature news with a pinch of salt as it only hints of this upcoming in a future release. There is a good chance this feature never makes it to final release of the next Google Camera update.

You want to Google Camera / GCam Mod ports for other Android phones, check our Google Camera Download section!

Download Google Camera 7.3 APK and Gcam Mod 7.3 APK:

We have APK files available for both Pixel devices as well as other Android phones.

For Google Pixel Phones:

Google has published the updated Google Camera 7.3 app on the Play Store. However, if your device hasn’t received it yet or you want to update manually, download the official APK from the link below.

For Other Android Phones:

The following file is a Google Camera port called as GCam Mod 7.3 which means it should work on any Android phone. We recommend to try it on devices running Android 9 Pie or Android 10.

UPDATE: The latest Gcam 7.3 is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ phones. You can download from here!

How to Install Google Camera 7.3

After you have downloaded the APK, here is how to install it.

  • Transfer the APK file to your phone if you downloaded it on your computer.
  • Find the APK file through a File Manager.
  • Tap on it to open install wizard. (Requires Unknown Sources option to be enabled in Settings.)
  • Complete the installation.

Once the installer completes, you can open Camera app to see the new changes. For a more in-depth guide on how to install an APK file on an Android device, you can read:

Do reach us in the comments if you face any issues. We will be glad to help!

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