How to Take Long Screenshots on Huawei Devices

Here is how you can take long screenshots on Huawei devices. Sometimes also referred to as scrolling shots, these allow for more content to be stitched together in a single image. For example, you can capture long messaging threads in one screenshot. There are tons of free apps available on the Play Store that pledge to do the same but these apps also contain ads and they do take up extra storage. With the ahead given guide, we will teach you how to take long screenshots on your Huawei smartphone. To get rid of the third-party apps, Huawei has given this feature as a default in most of their devices.

In third-party apps you have to stitch the different screenshots together manually making it look like a long screenshot but that’s tedious. Even if the app offers automatic stitching, then you are sacrificing crucial storage space. Fortunately, Huawei has thought about this and have included in their newer EMUI revisions a simple Scrollshot feature. In order to use this, follow the steps ahead.

How to Take Long Screenshots on Huawei Phones

If you have Huawei device which is running EMUI 5.0 or higher then this guide applies to you. The procedure of taking Scrollshots is quite simple once you get the hang of it through ahead given steps.

How to Take Long Screenshots on Huawei Devices – Scrollshot

To take long screenshot on your Huawei device, first make sure that it’s running the EMUI 5.0 or higher. Now follow the steo-by-step guide given below.

Step 1 – Open the page or the screen of which you want to the the screenshot of. The press and hold the Power and Volume Down key at the same time.

Step 2 – Once you have taken the screenshot, an Animation will appear which will let you know that you have taken the screenshot.

Step 3 – Now you will get three options, Share, Edit and Scrollshot. Select the Scrollshot option.

Step 4 – After selecting the option, your Huawei device will start scrolling to add to the original screenshot.

Step 5 – To stop the scrolling, tap on the screen then the long scrolling screenshot will appear before your.

Now you have finally learned to take scrolling screenshots on you Huawei device. You can also take the screenshot of the whole article. Share you thoughts about this handy feature by dropping a comment below.

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