RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Charger Review

Staying on top of the new GaN tech chargers, we have been testing RAVPower 45W elegant solution over the past few weeks. After using it in various situations and with different devices, here are our detailed thoughts — all compiled in this full RAVpower 45W charger review.

For years we have practically gotten the same size chargers with our electronic devices. Usually the largest adapter in our bags is one for our laptop, after that, we have a separate one for charging our mobile devices and in that, there are further divisions depending on the overall power output. Finally, that’s all about to change thanks to the arrival of a newer technology which delivers amazing performance in quite a thin package, in fact ultra-thin hence the name!

RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Adapter

RAVPower 45W: What’s in the Box?

Before we dive into the product, let’s first focus on the unboxing experience. RAVPower has taken this clever route with the packaging of it’s 45W Ultrathin USB-C PD charger where the box is roughly the same dimensions as the charger itself. This gives consumers a great physical identifier as to what size the actual product would be. The box is so small that we were actually quite surprised and could not believe there was a 45W charger within!

RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Adapter

Inside the box, there is the charger itself which is accompanied by some documentation. That’s all! Unfortunately no USB cable which would have been nice especially as the output is USB-C and most USB-C phones come with a charging cable that is USB Type A to Type C.

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For a great accessory, especially a charger, great build quality, practical design and optimum power output is what makes the deal or breaks it. In terms of design and build quality, RAVPower has it covered! Uniquely, the Ultrathin charger takes a unique approach towards it design. Rather than going for cube-shaped exterior, it comes in ratios more of a business card where the depth is thin and height is on the larger side. For portability, this has been one of the best implementations we have seen.

RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Adapter

The power prongs fold inwards helping the charger become flat. This makes it perfect to fit in your actual pocket or a bag’s pocket compartment. As the prongs are protected, you won’t need to worry about scratching. There is a single USB-C port and that is at the bottom. Again, rather than having the port at front, this saves space and routes the cable parallel to the wall which also allows for placement of furniture right infront such as a bedside table.

Power Output

RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Adapter

The most intriguing aspect of RAVPower’s Pioneer PD charger is its power output figures and rightly so. As the name suggests, the charger is capable of providing upto 45W of maximum power which makes it suitable for phones, tablets and even laptops. Further, there are various modes built-in that automatically optimize the best charging rate for the device which is connected.

For a more a technical insight, here are the power figures:


  • USB-C PD 3.0
    • 5V / 3A
    • 9V / 3A
    • 12V / 3A
    • 15V / 3A
    • 20V / 2. 25A


  • Voltage: 100V–240V (85–264V)
  • Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • Current: 1. 25A

During our tests, we have achieved the maximum rated output and everything in between. It is still surprising for us to see such a small charger provide so much juice. Also, heat was a concern as previous technologies emitted large amount of warmth but we are glad to report, this isn’t the case with RAVPower’s Pioneer PD. It does get warm over sustained usage but not even close to an alarming degree.

GaN Technology

RAVPower 45W GaN USB-C PD Charger Review 2

What makes this whole package tick is definitely the underlying GaN technology. As an alternative to silicon chips, Gallium Nitride is a newer tech that allows for better transfer of electricity in a smaller space hence allowing devices such as this charger to be possible. There is loads of science involved but for the end consumer, GaN means better electronic devices with higher efficiency along with drastically reduced physical size.


If you are in the market for a new charger for your phone, tablet or even laptop, RAVPower 45W USB-C PD charger is definitely the one to get. Its reduced size is an upgrade itself over standard adapters that ship with electronics. Moreover, it offers USB PD which is perfect for modern devices and its maximum rating of 45W will give you noticeably faster charging. All in all, it is an easy recommend from us!

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