New Juice Pack for Palm and PowerStation Keychain Launched by Mophie

Mophie has recently announced two new accessories, Juice Pack battery case for Palm phone and a universal PowerStation Keychain power-bank. Palm phone was initially launched back in October of 2018. Being an exclusive Verizon smartphone, it immediately garnered a lot of attention thanks to its considerably smaller screen size. While it might not have been as popular as other modern devices, Mophie has decided to release a proprietary Juice Pack for it which adds extra battery life and offers protection from drops. For users who don’t own a Palm phone, Mophie has released a new PowerStation keychain as well.

Mophie is one brand that has been synonymous with providing power solution accessories for smartphones. From early iPhone-only cases, Mophie has expanded to now being available on a variety of devices. And these two new releases further add to the brand’s ever increasing portfolio. PowerStation Keychain is something we appreciate as it offers more than a full charge within a tiny case that is easily portable. For pricing, the complete press release is ahead.

Mophie Juice Pack, PowerStation Keychain

Orange County, Calif., (March 11, 2019) – mophie, a ZAGG Inc (NASDAQ:ZAGG) brand and the No. 1 mobile battery brand in the U.S., today announced the juice pack® for Palm and the powerstation keychain, two new devices to help users stay charged throughout the day. The
juice pack for Palm and powerstation keychain are available now at,, and Verizon stores nationwide.

mophie’s goal is to enable consumer’s devices to last through the day, and we are excited to announce two new products to help them stay powerful on the go

said Robert Johnson, general manager for mophie.

“From juice pack battery cases to the new powerstation keychain
with carabiner, mophie makes it easy to always have an extra charge on hand.”

juice pack for Palm – by mophie

The mophie juice pack for Palm phone provides a 900mAh integrated battery for up to 13 hours of total use time. The juice pack is slim and lightweight enough for everyday use, while its tough polycarbonate shell provides impact protection from drops and falls. Additionally, it features
edge-to-edge protection and raised corners to help protect the Palm phone screen from scratches. Featuring Qi wireless technology, the juice pack battery case works with most mophie charge stream accessories and virtually any Qi wireless charging pad commonly found in airports, cafes, cars, and furniture. Additional features include Priority+ charging, a built-in USB-C port for wired charging, LED status indicator and an on/off button.

powerstation keychain

New Juice Pack for Palm and PowerStation Keychain Launched by Mophie 2

The mophie powerstation keychain features a 1,200mAh battery and integrated USB-C cable for extending the life of USB-C devices up to an additional 8 hours of talk time. The lightweight, pocket-size portable battery features a carabiner to attach to consumer’s keys, bag or belt so they always have power in an emergency. When recharging via USB-C, Priority+ charging provides power to a connected device first before recharging itself. Additional features include an integrated LED status indicator display and an on/off button.

Pricing & Availability:

The mophie juice pack for Palm is available now for $59.95, and the mophie powerstation keychain is available now for $39.95.

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