Libratone Track+ Review: Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earphones

If you are looking for premium in-ear noise cancelling headphones that are also wireless, you should consider getting Libratone Track+. We have been testing the earphones for quite some time now and in this Libratone Track+ review, we take these wireless earphones (with ANC) through multiple environments and scenarios. This is how they go against the competition and what we think about them.

For those unaccustomed, Libratone is a luxury audio solutions brand that offers a wide range of headphones and speakers. As part of their diverse lineup, the brand also offers Track+ headphones. These in-ear headphones are focused towards providing an exquisite listening solution to customers without the hassle of a wired connection. Featuring Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and a stunning design, here are our detailed thoughts about them!

Libratone Track+ Review

Technical Specifications

Here are the specs for Libratone Track+:

  • Dimensions:
    • Length – 794mm
    • Width – 3.3mm
  • Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth 4.1 AptX
  • Weight: 28g
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C
  • Colors: Stormy Black / Cloudy White
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Audio driver size: 11.8mm

Whats in the Box?

Libratone Track+ Box - Wireless earphones with Active Noise Cancellation

Let’s start off our Libratone Track+ review with the unboxing experience of these earphones. Libratone ships the Track+ in this square box which has the headphone render up-top and very minimal branding. The top cover is to be removed to reveal the actual box itself which is all black and just has the Libratone+ logo embossed in the center. There is a magnet flap which, when opened, reveals the headphones. Actually, before you get to see the earphones, there is a single page that highlights the contents. The earphones are wrapped quite aesthetically in styrofoam. Taking them out, they instantly take the shape as shown in official renders.

Further, beneath the earphones, there are a set of rubber tips for the earphones along with an extended, sports-focused rubber grip that is to be used for better fitting. Also, there is an envelope right beside the tips that houses the microUSB cable for charging and standard documentation. That’s all within the box!

Build and Design

Libratone logo on Libratone Track+

Libratone Track+ are quite focused towards providing an aesthetic design that is both unique and practical. For all its headphones including on-ear ones, Libratone has this bent cylindrical shape that connects either the wire or the headphone to the actual earpiece. Continuing this, Track+ also have this design characteristic. The earpiece unit for Track+ has been designed to fit perfectly over the ear and as the battery is placed in the neckband area, the earpieces are quite small and don’t really bulge which is perfect.

Rather than going for a solid plastic neck band, Track+ makes use of this thicker rubber wire along the neck and two identical housings on each side. For the right side, this housing carries all the main buttons along with the microUSB charging port. As for the left, it has a multi-purpose function button and internally, the battery. The wire that extends to the earphones is much less thicker and has been rounded off rather than the flat one used for the neck. Main materials used throughout the headphones is plastic!

Sound Quality

Libratone Track+ Review

Libratone Track+ headphones feature large 11.8mm drivers! The sound output is crisp and loud. For the overall tone signature, it is biased towards base. For audiophiles, this might be a drawback but for the larger majority, heavy base is actually preferred.

Active Noise Cancellation is what brings everything together for Libratone Track+. With 3 microphones, two dedicated for noise cancellation, you can enjoy distraction-free audio. Rather than just simple ANC control with On/Off options, Libratone provides a dedicated app.

Libratone App for Android / iOS

While loads of products offer noise cancellation, Libratone has perfected the experience by including a great partner app for their earphones. Using this app (Google Play Store / App Store), there is a very convenient noise cancellation slider that lets you set the level of noise cancellation on your earphones. This feature is quite handy as it helps adapt the earphones to various scenarios and conditions. If you are on a plane, you might need a higher level of noise cancellation compared to when you are on a bus ride. For both of these situations and everything in between, Libratone’s app has you covered.

Opening the app, it automatically recognizes when the earphones are connected and shows them to you on its main page. From here, you can tap on the earphones to be able to change the options on them. Once you do, the app shows a circular slider that you can adjust to set the noise cancellation. It is live so once you are setting, you would be able to notice the noise cancellation on your earphones. There is also a toggle called “CityMix” which basically automates the noise cancellation depending upon the setting you are in.

These are all the levels of noise cancellation which users can set:

  • Level 1: Pass through – Chat to people without taking off your earphones – 80% Outside Noise
  • Level 2: Passive ANC – Enjoy your music, but still take in your surroundings – 60% Outside Noise
  • Level 3: 50% ANC – Enjoy your music with awareness in noisy places – 30% Outside Noise
  • Level 4: 100% ANC – Immerse yourself in your music with limited distraction from background noise – <10% Outside Noise


The battery life on Track+ lasts about 8 hours on a single charge. Whilst this might not be the highest in the market, we think it is at a great spot as because of lower capacity, Libratone was able to decrease the overall weight and size which is better for this fitness oriented application. You can get a full charge back within an hour as well which is great.

Libratone Track+ Review: Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earphones 17

However, charging is done through microUSB. As most phones now come with Type-C and even laptops, microUSB has become an older standard.

Extra Features

We have already covered all the fundamentals required from a good pair of earphones however, there are some extra features included on Track+ that are worth mentioning.

Libratone Track+ Review: Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earphones 18

Sweat and splash-proof

Track+ are rated IPX4 which makes them sweat and splash proof hence ideal for sports and fitness.

Sleep mode

Unlike usual sleep mode which gets enabled based on time of last use, Track+ have a motion detector that makes sure earphones turns itself off when it’s not in use, then wakes up when it’s time to play.

Libratone Track+ Review: Conclusion

Libratone Track+ are definitely a great pair of earphones. The hefty price might not be justified for some but a great partner app, aesthetic Danish design and exceptional noise cancellation makes them stand out.

To learn more or buy these earphones, visit the official website.

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