How to Install Multiple APKM, Split APKS, XAPK Files

This is how you can install APKM, APKS, XAPK and Multiple APK files. Over the years, APK mirroring sites and Google themselves have refined the APK file format. APK, or Android Application Package, is a complete installation file for Android apps that has the file extension .APK. Due to changing needs, the standard has evolved to accommodate new formats and file extensions. Popular mirroring site like APK Mirror has its own format called APKM and similarly APKpure provides XAPK files.

These additional APK formats can not be directly installed using Android’s built-in installer. Rather, they need a proper installer app and a slightly different install procedure. For that, we have listed the detailed steps right ahead so users can install APKM, APKS, XAPK and other multiple APK files such as Split APKs.

How to Install XAPK, APKM and APKS Files

There are two main methods through which you can install these special APK files. The first one supports all formats but if that doesn’t work in your case, you can try out the second one which is dedicated towards Split app installation.

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The following formats and file types are supported by the two methods we are listing ahead:

  • Stand alone APK files, and split APK files.
  • XAPK (of APK-Pure), including copying of OBB files when the installation is complete. You don’t have to have those on the file system, but it’s very recommended for performance reasons.
  • APKS (of SAI app), as well as any other ZIP-based file that just has the split APK files.

Method 1: Install XAPK, APKM and APKS File using App Manager

The developer behind App Manager recently upgraded the app to act as an app installer. More, the app doesn’t support standard APK files but all other iterations that we previously discussed.

Here is a complete list of APK formats supported by App Manager:

Complete Tutorial

Step 1 – Download App Manager either from Google Play Store or using this Mirror.

Step 2 – Download the APK file you want to install and browse to it on your phone’s File Explorer.

Install XAPK, APKM and APKS Files

NOTE: Mi Files app (works on non-Xiaomi phones) is known to allow users to open these extension types, other file browsers might not.

Step 3 – Select the XAPK, APKM or multiple APK files and then tap on Open With and then select App Manager. For the first install, you would have to grant Unknown Sources permission to App Manager.

Step 4 – The App Manager should now begin installing the app. After it is done, view your app drawer to find the shortcut.

Install XAPK, APKM and APKS Files

This was a detailed look on how to use App Manager to install XAPK, APKM and APKS files!

Method 2: Install APKS File Using Split APKs Installer

Step 1 – Download Split App Installer either from Google Play Store or using this Mirror.

Step 2 – Download the APK file you want to install.

Step 4 – Open up Split APKs Installer and click on Install button at the bottom.

How to Install Multiple APKM, Split APKS, XAPK Files 3

Step 5 – Browse to the location where you downloaded the APK file/files. Select the files and click on install. For the first install, you would have to grant Unknown Sources permission to Split App Installer.

Step 6 – By default, ZipFile API is disabled, if an app gives you an error on install, enable it through settings.

Step 7 – Follow the wizard to complete the install.

That’s it, your downloaded app should now be installed on your phone!

Difference Between Standard APK and Multiple / Split APK Files

To accomadate large data files and apps, developers have come up with split APK files. Corresponding to a single app, these multiple files split the data into smaller chunks or sometimes, split the configuration APK from the base APK. Thanks to this, hosting redundant data for various architectures is not necessary.

More, XAPK and APKM files take ease of installation a step further. Rather than having users to manually transfer OBB data onto specific folders before installing the APK, these file formats integrate the process into one single install file. This removes the hassle of separately downloading OBB data and then copying it.

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