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Chainfire, the name behind CF-Auto-Root, has recently launched a new website with the name The name itself is the domain of the website and it contains latest official firmwares for Samsung devices and root packages. In most of our root guides for Samsung phones, we have been utilizing CF-Auto-Root because of its ease and simplicity. Well, now, CF-Auto-Root has found a new distribution place in the form of The website aims to bring forth extended functionality by bringing official firmware downloads on top of the usual root packages. For more details on how to use and the system itself, keep reading.

The website is quite minimal and uses Material Design guidelines. It hosts a large variety of firmware for not only Samsung devices but quite a few Nexus / Pixel devices as well. We even found firmware for Motorola and Lenovo phones, older ones but they are present. The website now serves you a customized CF-Auto-Root package based on your device and firmware. Whereas previously, you had to download a singular file and try it with different firmwares to see if it works. Read ahead to see how you can use and get the most out of it.

How to Use to Download CF-Auto-Root - Download Samsung Firmware, CF-Auto-Root

As mentioned, has succeeded CF-Auto-Root website. doesn’t only focus on root but it also serves firmware files which can be downloaded. You can flash these files directly to your Samsung phones by using the Odin tool. Below, we have given few steps that you can follow to get root downloaded for your Samsung device.

Step 1 – Visit website.

Step 2 – In the Device text box, start entering either the model number of your phone or the name. - Download Samsung Firmware, CF-Auto-Root

Step 3 – Once you find your device in the suggestions drop down, click on Submit.

Step 4 – On the resulting screen, click on the firmware you are currently running. If you don’t know what is the build number of your firmware, find out by going to Settings > About Device. - Download Samsung Firmware, CF-Auto-Root

Step 5 – Scroll down to find download links for the firmware itself and CF-Auto-Root. Click on CF-Auto-Root. - Download Samsung Firmware, CF-Auto-Root

Step 6 – The resulting page will ask for configuration. You can leave all the settings as it is and scroll down to find Generate CF-Auto-Root Package option, click on it. - Download Samsung Firmware, CF-Auto-Root

Step 7 – A new page with key stats and filename should pop up and your download would start automatically.

That’s it! You can use to either download firmware or CF-Auto-Root packages which can be flashed through Odin or other methods.

If you run into any problem, let us know in the comments below.

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