Download QPST Flash Tool (All Versions) – Flash Firmware on Qualcomm Devices

You can download all versions of QPST Flash tool through this guide. QPST stands for Qualcomm Product Support Tools. This tool is compatible with multiple Qualcomm chipset devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. The main purpose of this tool is to allow flashing of firmware files onto the required device. This means, with QPST flash tool, you can download latest stock firmware and flash it onto your phone or tablet. The benefit of using QPST flash tool is that it supports multiple devices from a range of manufacturers. Rather, you can connect variety of devices as long as they consist of the compatible Qualcomm chipset. Read further to find out download links to all versions of QPST flash tool.

Qualcomm is undoubtedly a very popular chipset manufacturer. Due its popularity, there are a lot of devices that rely on it. Ranging from latest flagships to the most budget friendly smartphones, Qualcomm is available in a wide variety of flavors. Thanks to QPST flash tool, you can use it directly to download and install firmware regardless of which manufacturer it shipped from. You can get the latest QPST flash tool versions from the link below as well as an option to try out all the previous one.

QPST Flash Tool

QPST Flash Tool – Features:

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of QPST flash tool.

Ability to Download Firmwares

Rather than leaving the user to search the internet for correct firmwares, the QPST flash tool comes with functionality that lets you download the latest firmware for your device. This proves to be quite handy in multiple situations.

Detailed User Interface

The main UI of the tool is rich in detail. From progress bars to logs, you can monitor each and every thing while using QPST flash tool on your device.

Backup and Restore

The QPST tool allows users to create backups of their systems through the tool and then restore it to newer firmwares. This saves the hassle of manually creating a backup which is difficult to restore afterwards.

Permanent Installation

With this tool, you get an MSI package which gets installed on your system permanently. The settings you edit will remain and you wont be needing to run the tool from a single folder, rather you would be able to pin a shortcut on your system.

Download QPST Flash Tool:

Each version of the QPST Flash tool has been listed below and the latest one has been marked as well.

QPST Flash Tool – More Information

USB Drivers: As the tool requires your computer to recognize the device connected to it properly, you would be needing USB drivers. For viewing Android USB drivers consult our post: Android USB Drivers section.

Custom ROMs:  For AOSP based ROMs that are compatible with your device you can use our Custom ROMs section.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

Credits: Qualcomm Mobility Inc.

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