Samsung Galaxy S20 July 2020 Update Arrives with Camera Improvements

Samsung has published Galaxy S20 July 2020 update for its complete Galaxy S20 range of phones and here is how you can download it manually. Arriving for Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra, the latest firmware build provides a host of different improvements, features and more. Despite being June, manufacturers have early access to monthly Google security patches which is why they are able to patch together firmware updates even before Pixel devices. In addition to the security changes, Galaxy S20 July 2020 update brings with itself new improvements as well which we will discuss ahead.

Samsung’s 2020 flagship series gets highest priority when it comes to software updates. The brand makes sure that its loyal customers are getting the best possible software experience on their phones. This recent July update for Galaxy S20 lineup is supposed to address various aspects. Starting with the camera, there are improvements to video as well as photos in specific situations. More, after this update, Galaxy S20 would finally be able to record over Bluetooth microphones using the built-in voice recorder app.

Samsung Galaxy S20 July Security Update

Samsung Galaxy S20 July 2020 Update

Rather than just being a security patch upgrade, Samsung has launched couple of hightlight changes withing Galaxy S20 July 2020 update build. For starters, as we discussed, the phone is getting improvements to its camera performance which should yield better shots and videos. Further, Bluetooth microphones are now finally supported by the Voice Recorder app — a popular user requested feature.

Let’s discuss the new features in detail for Galaxy S20 July 2020 update.

Camera Improvements

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the brand has been slowly improving its Camera software to make sure the best possible experience for its consumers. Similarly, in this update, there are few software tweaks that make the camera app perform better.

In particular, video stabilization has been improved. And, for photos, Zoom magnification has gotten an enhancement as well.

Voice Recording with Bluetooth Microphones

Users would now be able to record voice over Bluetooth microphones and headphones through the built-in voice recorder app. This has been one of the most requested features by customers that often utilize the advanced Voice Recorder app and finally, Samsung has delivered.

Removal of MirrorLink

Samsung, with this update, is ending support for MirrorLink. Owing to Android Auto, MirrorLink is no longer supported on new Galaxy S20 lineup after this update.

July 2020 Security Patch

This build carries with itself 2020-07 security patch hence the July 2020 update name. If you are unaware, Google releases new security definitions for Android each month and they then get ported over to actual devices via a software revision. Surprisingly, it is still June yet the update has been published. This is due to the fact that Google pushes these definitions early to hardware manufacturers so they have ample time to integrate it on their phones.

Rather than being just another security update, July 2020 build for Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra has turned out to be a feature-filled release. Customers will definitely appreciate all the new changes that the brand has implemented!

Download Galaxy S20 July 2020 Security Update

Samsung has always allowed users to manually flash official firmware files on their phones without voiding warranty — if it isn’t previously voided by installation of root, custom ROM etc. To make use of this, users can download latest Odin along with Galaxy S20 July 2020 update files to upgrade their phones. These files, linked ahead, are official firmwares ripped from Samsung servers hence installing them wont switch your Knox status or make your phone’s software status unofficial.

Rather, you can use the following firmwares to return to factory settings on your phone, if you have installed a ROM or other system mods.

XXU3ATFG Android 10 Update for Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus

Build NumberXXU3ATFG
Android VersionAndroid 10 / Q
One UI VersionOne UI 2.1
Security Patch LevelJuly 2020
Changelist Number18862671

Samsung generally uses same build code for same series of phones which is why Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus are receiving the new firmware under U3AFTG version. The files are different, of course, due to varying hardware but the feature set remains exactly the same.

You can download the firmwares manually with the following links:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 G980F
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus G985F

NOTE: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus’ firmware link is to be added soon.The link has been added!

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