Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger Review

Wireless charging has become widely accepted by smartphone manufacturers as now more and more devices come standard with this convenient technology. Making use of it, Choetech has launched its new Fast Wireless Car charger which aims to provide the same hassle free charging experience that you find within your home, in your car. We have the Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger (Model T536-S) with us and we will be sharing our complete thoughts on it this review. Previously, in cars, if you had to charge your smartphone, you needed to physically connect a cable which was then connected to the car’s power port. However, thanks to Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger, you only need to put your phone into a clever gravity enabled holster and it should start charging, no hassle of connecting cables. There’s a lot of promise for this accessory but does it deliver in all aspects?  Let’s discuss in detail.
Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger
Choetech is a fairly new brand — founded in 2013 — but thanks to its success providing accessories based on Wireless Charging technology, it has seen some exceptional growth. Similar to various other products, Choetech’s Fast Wireless Car charger uses Qi Wireless standard which makes it compatible with most smartphones that have Wireless charging built-in.

What’s Inside the Box

Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger
Starting from the box, you get the main Wireless Charger unit, a vent clip mount and a microUSB cable. To provide power, you would need to buy a powerful USB car charger that connects to your car’s power outlet. Plus, you would need to make sure that the charger you buy has enough juice to support the fast wireless charging as any slow charger would bottleneck the main wireless charger itself resulting in extended charge times. Also worth mentioning, Choetech offers 18 months warranty with this product.

Design and Setup

The setup process is quite simple, you need to connect the vent clip first to the main charger and then use the clip to attach everything to your car’s AC vent. This attachment method, however, does has few downsides. First, you lose airflow from the air vent you attach it to so hindering the car’s climate control. Further, once the charger is attached, the vent is no longer adjustable. As for the good, we really appreciate the Gravity Linkage mechanism. Basically, to attach your phone, all you need is to slide it in from the top and the charger automatically grabs it thanks to the device’s wait. There is no need to fiddle around to adjust grips for different size smartphones, just simply slide them in. As this works with the weight of the phone, you can only use your smartphone in portrait mode however. Plus, the Wireless car charger is majorly built with Anti-fire ABS plastic which, in our use, held up well and didn’t crack.
Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger
The devices we used to test the charger varied from the smaller Galaxy S7 to the larger Note 5. We didn’t have any issues in grip or the phone falling out as is the case with most such accessories. However, we did notice that once the devices were mounted, we were unable to use the power button. This isn’t a major issue as we could simply slide our phones out to setup whatever we needed to be displayed on screen and then slid them back. Plus, when using maps — the most common use within a car — there is no need of the power button.

Power Output

Choetech Fast Wireless Car Charger
Lastly, our readers would be eager to learn how the actual Fast Wireless charging fairs. For Samsung Galaxy flagships, the charger provides 10W of charging power which is quite adequate. We saw our phones get charged in right about 2 hours from complete zero percent. For phones that are not Samsung, they get the low 5W power mode which is a bit of a downside hence the time to a full charge is right about double than that which we listed for Samsung. However, we think, most users would use Choetech Fast Wireless charger as a holster first which doubles up as a charger. In cases where you have maps and navigation running, the Choetech charger will keep your battery level constant and if it requires filling up, then it will do so at a pace of a standard wall charger which is quite convenient.


So to sum it up, we actually are quite impressed by the Choetech Wireless Car charger for its ability to provide quick charging times even on the go. If you are in market for a holster to prop your phone while driving, we definitely recommend to go for the Choetech Fast Wireless Car charger as it not only holds smartphones quite well thanks to its Gravity Linkage but also powers the device at the same time. Since no cable is directly connected to the smartphone, you would also be able to easily take your phone out and slide it back in. Also, we found the charger to provide the fastest charge times with Samsung devices so bear that in mind. For more wireless charger, please visit Choetech official website.


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