Best Root Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

This is a list of the best root apps available for Android phones and other devices. After you get a new Android phone or a tablet, a user who knows how to get the most out of your Android device will always try to unlock its bootloader and then root the device for full system access. We, at Team Android, have compiled a list of the best, cherry-picked and our favourite Android root apps that we think are a essential part of your Android device after rooting it.

What is root? Root is basically giving/getting administrator rights on your phone or tablet so that you can do tweaks, install custom ROMs, modify system apps and such. Every root app has a different purpose so try what you like.

Best Root Apps for Android Phones & Tablets

Here is a list of the best root apps available for rooted Android phones / tablets at the Google Play Store. Let us know if you find these apps useful — and if you know any better apps, do let us know in the comments below. We’ll add them to the list here.

Mobile Odin Pro

Best Root Apps

Ever heard of Odin? If yes, then it is the exact same thing but you will not have to use a PC for this. If no, Odin is basically a free tool used to flash/update device specific firmware provided by the manufacturer, mostly for Samsung phones and tablets. There are many releases of Odin available online, and you can download them all here: Download Odin (All Versions). Just a quick note, most of the official firmware updates for Samsung devices we have on Team Android, make use of Odin. That is the PC version, but you can get the same functionality on mobile as well with Mobile ODIN. It’s $4.99, but we can assure you it is worth every single penny.

Download Mobile Odin Pro

Tegrak Overclock


Now this app is for those people who want to push their phones to the limit and try to get the best out of their CPU. Tegrak provides a intuitive UI for Overclocking and also Underclocking (may be, to save battery? Read: All The Battery Tips for Android Phones) In our opinion Tegrak stood out the most as it is free (we all love free stuff, don’t we?) and provides all the required features.

Download Tegrak

Root Explorer

unnamed (1)

Ever wanted to modify system files? Or just simply wanted to remove unnecessary apps that come pre-installed on your system? This app simply does that. It can go deep into the Android OS and allow you to view the files and even modify/remove them. A must have for every Android Developer in my opinion. Our recommendation, don’t mess around with system files if you don’t know what you are doing. For those who want to know how to install Android apps as system apps, read this: How to Install Apps as System Apps in Android.

Download Root Explorer

SD Maid

SD Maid

Most of us are completely annoyed by the fact that are SD-cards continuously fill up for no specific reason and it doesn’t free up space by removing applications. The main reason behind this is that there are apps which require extra data to be downloaded other than them so they place that data on SD-Card storage for use now in order to completely delete an app. We need SD Maid which simply removes extra, unnecessary  files on your SD and giving you more storage to enjoy.

Download SD Maid



Mistakenly you deleted an important file. Now you have nothing to do but to cry over it. We have a solution for that. Undelete simply recovers (almost all) previously deleted files on your SD card / phone. For more details and download, read: How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card, Internal Storage on Android Devices.

Download Undelete



Their are so many people out their continuously worrying about internal storage and dont want to delete an app in order to install a new one. Move2SD simply does what it’s name refers to. It copies the Apps to your SD card in order to help you install new apps without deleting previous ones.

Download Move2SD

Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration

Custom ROMs, the most addictive thing for an Android user. People change ROMs time to time and are always looking for new innovation but the point they forget is that you should Calibrate your battery every time you flash a new ROM so that you can maximize battery timing and get accurate statistics.

Download Battery Calibration

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

This one again is for the people who can’t keep their hands away from flashing new ROMs on their device. Titanium Backup is simply the most advanced and secure backup system for android. Titanium Backup simply backs up all your data from contacts to pictures. How to backup apps? We have a complete guide here: How to Backup Apps, Data and Restore with Titanium Backup.

Download Titanium Backup

Market Enabler

Market Enabler - Android App

This marvelous app removes any sort of regional restriction on the Play Store for your device. If you are living somewhere out of  US and you want to access apps that are US specific then search no more. This is the app for you. We have two tutorials for two different apps that do the same thing. You can try any of the following that works for you:

Download Market Enabler



DroidWall keeps a check a on apps that you have installed connecting to the internet. It saves your bandwidth and also helps you to monitor suspicious/unwanted activities of an app that can breach your privacy.

Download DroidWall

We don’t end here. There are more apps in our list. Go over to the next page and see the rest of them!

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