Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5]

You are in a foreign country that uses a language you don’t understand and you want to communicate? With the right translator app on your Android phone, you can do it quite easily! With this guide, we will list down best translator apps that are available on the Play Store for Android devices. When traveling abroad, our phones are our natural companion. Of course, it makes sense that we also use the small pocket computer for challenges that we face in foreign travel anyway: for example as a translation aid.

With these apps, the advantage over dictionaries is the fact that they allow for translation of whole sentences and not just single words. Further, modern apps for translation can also do much more. Imagine sitting in a foreign restaurant and not understanding the menu? You can even use your phone’s camera to directly translate written words / sentences into a language you understand. Continue ahead for our list of best translator apps available!

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 2

Learning a new language is always a challenge. Usually one learns it most easily in a country where it is also spoken. Regardless of whether you are on vacation or traveling on business – knowing a few words in the local language makes communication with the locals much easier. And thanks to modern translation apps, you do not have to wrap up heavy dictionaries – you simply use the translator apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Top 5 / Best Language Translator Apps for Android

Check out our list of best translator apps for Android:

1 – Google Translator

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 3

In any case, Google Translate is the most popular translation app – and one of the best. The fact that the app knows and translates over 100 different languages ​​is impressive. Translations either work classically by typing in text or by speaking into the microphone. A translation of the spoken text is then displayed in the target language on the display. This is especially useful in conversations with other people who have a major language barrier.

The third major feature is a so-called camera translator. With the camera of the smartphone texts can be scanned in another language. The software recognizes what has been written and translates it directly. Unfortunately, this works more and less well depending on the situation.

2 – Microsoft Translator

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 4

Also the second large software company Microsoft has a free translator app in the portfolio. The Microsoft Translator is particularly well suited for conversation situations. A person simply speaks the words in their native language into the microphone of the smartphone. A software translates these and reads out the translated text aloud in the target language. The whole thing works well with two synchronized smartphones. Of course, the translator also works with texts that are typed. The translation will then be shown on the display. And just like the Google translator, this app also offers the possibility of speech recognition and photo translation.

Also very useful is the feature “phrasebook”, which lists an overview of standard sentences and phrases for various occasions such as greetings, orders in the restaurant, questions about the way and the like. Here, users can quickly find the words and phrases they are looking for in such a situation.

3 –

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 5 is a veteran of online dictionaries and also enjoys great popularity as an app for Android and iPhone. In addition to shabby translations are delivered offline support, auto suggestions and an audio playback of the correct pronunciation. A major disadvantage of is that the app can only translate individual words. This makes it particularly suitable for typing, where you are looking for a specific word. However, in conversational situations involving whole sentences or phrases, other programs are more appropriate.

4 – Pons Online Translator

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 6

Pons are likely to know even older semesters as a classic dictionary. But like so many things, this book has made the leap from the physical world to the smartphone screen. Pons translates single words or entire word groups analogously and, if desired, also displays definitions for individual terms or phrases. If you are looking for the right pronunciation, you can listen to short audio files for most of the words.

5 – Dictionary English – Linguee

Best Language Translator Apps on Android [Top 5] 7

For translations into English or from English, Linguee offers full service. The app has a very smart and clear interface and can score with a variety of features. For example, if you are on the road, there is offline support. In addition to simple translations of words, the app also displays example sentences in which these words can be used. This additionally trains the speech comprehension. Audio files for correct pronunciation are also available here.

This was an in-depth look at all the good Language Translator apps available for Android. Which one do you prefer using? Tell us in the comments section!

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