EMUI 9.1 Beta 2 Arriving for 14 New Phones including Huawei Mate 10, P20

Huawei’s second public beta program is now available to 14 more devices including the Mate 10 and P20 series. Currently, these devices can be updated to EMUI 9.1 beta program within China and hopefully, EMUI 9.1 second public beta will be available soon to the international audience as well. EMUI 9.1 comes packed with new features such as EROFS file system for faster performance and OneHop file sharing system. There are various other new features as well.

If you’re a Huawei user and willing to become an EMUI beta tester, you can start with signing up for Beta Club with your Huawei account using the official app. Within the app, check for the latest versions compatible with your Huawei device and start with the installation. Before installing the EMUI betas, 6GB free storage is recommended by Huawei.

EMUI 9.1 Beta 2, Huawei

EMUI 9.1 Beta 2 Available for 14 More Huawei devices

EMUI 9.1 public second beta comes packed with new amazing features including EROFS file system, OneHop file sharing, and many other tweaks. After the discontinuity of Android OS, Huawei’s own OS should be released to replace it quite soon. Hopefully, the brand’s OS is just as good if not better than Android. The UI elements will most likely be derived from EMUI as loyal users have already adopted to it and changing the base OS won’t be affecting that much of an audience.

Here is the complete device list and build number for EMUI 9.1 Beta 2:

EMUI 9.1 Beta 2 Arriving for 14 New Phones including Huawei Mate 10, P20 1

As described above, to use the second public beta program, Huawei users have to install Beta Club app which allows users to install the latest compatible beta version according to their device. As beta programs can have bugs and errors so beware before trying. These beta tests are designed so that users can report bugs and help optimize the system.

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