Huawei Hongmeng OS Soon to Replace Android on EMUI Devices

Huawei, in a way, knew what was coming so it was in development of its own OS that runs native Android apps. Recently, Huawei was banned from US due to which Google services and EMUI updates are no more available to Huawei. But thankfully, the brand has a backup plan in place with their first ever self-developed operating system, code-named “Hongmeng“. Hongmeng was in development since 2012 and has been in trial phases on Huawei devices secretly. Now, with the ban, Huawei will be looking to publicly release this OS.

Huawei involved closely with Android and Google. Further, in a recent press conference, the brand told that their competitors are two to three year behind from the technology they have their hands on. Regardless, Huawei will be seriously pursuing Hongmeng so that it can replace standard Android.

Huawei OS, Hongmeng

Huawei OS / Hongmeng Details

Hongmeng is the first ever developed mobile operating system by Huawei. Hongmeng is just an internal codename, it is not confirmed whether this will carry on to the final name. Further, increasing Huawei’s problems, not only Google has banned Huawei from using their resources, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom are also not going to supply software or components to Huawei.

In terms of when we will see an official announcement, Huawei is expected to release Hongmeng operating system as soon as this coming fall and would, alongside it, introduce better and new technologies than Android. And if not better then they should be at-least be able to compete with Android OS if they expect to stay in the market. The reason Huawei was banned from the US is clearly stated in Donald Trump’s statement

As Hongmeng has been in development from 2012, it is expected to arrive soon and bring new features. There is going to be a competition between Android Q and Hongmeng within 2019 and we expect to see the better OS win the market. For those who keep on worrying regarding their EMUI updates, for next 90 days the updates are going to be active and after that, they will be suspended.

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