Google Keep Updated with Dark Mode on Android

If you’re a fan of Google Keep then we have some great news for you. Google has introduced new Dark Mode for its Keep app on Android. This new update inverts bright colors into darker shades hence relieving stress on eyes, especially in the dark. This isn’t the first dark feature updated by Google, they have introduced a whole new Dark Theme within the latest Android Q beta. Dark mode for Google Keep doesn’t mean everything is turned into black but a decent and clean UI has been put up to entertain Google Keep users.

Dark mode is available starting from Google Keep v5.19.19, further versions available from Google Play Store will carry this feature as well. Currently, dark mode can be enabled from the Settings menu which is available under the Navigation Drawer. Currently, this option is available to limited users. For those who have it, enable dark theme by clicking the switch and wait for UI to turn dark. Having dark mode within Google’s native note taking app is just the extension of the dark mode movement which started with other popular Google apps.

Google Keep, Dark Theme UI

Google Keep Dark Theme

Let’s dive deep into the Dark theme of Google Keep. The Dark theme is not totally black, it is a dark gray version of Google Keep. Adding the Dark theme hasn’t changed the UI but the colors only. From the top, Search Bar & Bottom interaction area has a light background to stand out while the text and icons have converted to a White color. To adopt a consistent look, Android Q beta has a function which mixes the app color into the navigation to look alike rather than creating a colorful experience. Here are some screenshots to help you understand

Google Keep Updated with Dark Mode on Android 1

A light theme in a dark room can cause multiple health problems but with a dark theme/mode within apps and OS’s, these problems can be minimized. The latest Google Keep updates feature the Dark theme. If you haven’t received the update then check “My apps & games” in Play Store app. If the update is available then Google Keep will be in the “Updates pending” list and click the “Update” button to download the latest version of Google Keep and enjoy the Dark Theme. Again, as this is a server-side feature, some users will have this option visible while others wont — it will gradually arrive for all!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve already received the new dark mode option and are enjoying the Dark theme? We love hearing from you. Happy Updating!

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