Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers – Top Collection

Google Pixel 3a is a mid-range and powerful handset by Google released at Google I/O 2019. Protecting your Google Pixel 3a is an essential choice after purchasing the device. Below we have listed some of the best Google Pixel 3a cases and covers which will protect your device according to their specialty. The listed cases are specifically made for Google Pixel 3a and come in different materials and design.

Choosing the right cover is a hard decision but we at Team Android took hours of research to gather these awesome and rugged Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers. We have provided details and links to purchase covers and receive them at your doorstep. There are multiple designs cases by different companies like Google themselves, Tech21 Studio, Hyaizlz, KickStand, Moment, Spigen, Totallee, and more. All these Pixel 3a cases will ensure that your device gets protected from falls, scratches and any kind of wear or tear.

Google Pixel 3a Cases / Covers List

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers

Here is a list of Google Pixel 3a covers that are available for purchase and fit Pixel 3a perfectly.

Hyaizlz Ultra Thin

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 1

The Hyaizlz Ultra Thin Back Cover is a Matte color cover best for your mobile is you are okay with soft covers. Google Pixel 3a is made out of polycarbonate which makes it protective already. Adding the Hyaizlz Ultra Thin Back cover to your Google Pixel 3a will make it more tactile, thin enough to fit into your back and front pockets easily, and easy to disassemble. The Hyaizlz Ultra Thin Back Cover has an 0.8mm thickness which means adding no extra weight to your Google Pixel 3a. The Hyaizlz Ultra Thin Back Cover comes in Wine Red & Black Colors.

Kickstand Shockproof Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 2

The Fairycase Kickstand Shockproof with Belt clip case for Google Pixel 3a is a fair choice for Google Pixel 3a owners who want to protect their phones with maximum protection. The Kickstand Shockproof case is specially designed for Google Pixel 3a. It has a Belt Clip with a Kickstand Design, a separate removable 180-degree swivel belt clip which allows users to convert their Google Pixel 3a into a TV. The Material consists of an absorption TPU inner sleeve and impact-resistance PC shell back cover. With this cover, you can protect your Google Pixel 3a from all 4 corners with a dual layer hybrid design which provides protection all around and avoids falling because of its textured case. The Fairycase Kickstand Shockproof case comes in Black, Blue, Gray, Purple, and Red.

Moment Pixel Photo Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 3

Google Pixel 3a has an amazing camera, what if we add another lens to it? Yes, it’s possible. Moment Pixel Photo Case is always in the list when it comes to Google Pixel Phone Cover/Cases because this cover with a lens on the top corner of it is specially made for the Google Pixel family. The Moment Pixel Photo Case is an affordable case for every mobile photographer. It’s thin, durable, has a rubberized body which protects the phone from falling and scratches. The bottom of this case includes a strap attachment to work with any standard wrist strap. The interface of the lens is built right into the case which makes it easy to attach and detach it. The Moment Photo Case is compatible with Qi Wireless charging also and is covered by a 12-month warranty too. the comes Black and Walnut Wood Canvas.

Google Pixel 3a Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 4

If you’re a Google fan and love Google accessories, then we have the right case for you. The Google Pixel 3a case which is a custom-knit case made specially by Google for the Google Pixel 3a. The Material consists of soft microfiber lining which protects through scratching, raised-edge protection which covers all 4 corners protecting falls and in different circumstances. Easy to fit in your pockets and amazingly weightless. As it’s made by Google, they couldn’t stay away from adding functionality even to the case, YES! you can squeeze the cover to bring up Google Assistant on the go. The Google Pixel 3a Case is available in Carbon, Fog, and Seascape color.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 5

Spigen Rugged Armor Case protects your phone from all sides. Giving a clear and Carbon Fiber Design makes your Google Pixel 3a more stylish. The case has resilient shock absorption, flexible TPU case with interior spider-web pattern & raised lip to protect your screen. It also includes Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption and tactile buttons for solid feedback and easy press. Specially made for Google Pixel 3a only and available in Matte Black Color only.

Totallee Transparent Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 6

If you’re looking for a colorless, and weightless cover than Totallee Transparent Case is the right choice as it is completely see-through cover. This covers offers extra grip because of its rubbery finish which doesn’t let your Google Pixel 3a slip off your hands, table or anywhere slippery you put. The case doesn’t attract lint, turn yellow or become loose. Manufactured using flexible TPU which is more durable and offers impact protection. Made for Google Pixel 3a specifically and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Feitenn Wallet Cover

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 7

Paying through your phone is the new trend so the Feitenn Wallet Cover allows you to cover your phone in a wallet. This cover allows you to carry 3 cards and money along with your Google Pixel 3a. Made of premium synthetic Soft canvas. Flexible interior TPU material provides good protection for your device to protect your phone against scratches, bumps, shocks, dirt, daily wear and tear. This phone wallet is specially made for Google Pixel 3a. Your phone comes on the right side of the wallet and on the right side, your cards and. Feitenn Wallet Cover comes in Black, Blue and Gray Color.

Tech21 Studio Design Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 8

Tech21 Studio Design Case protects your Google Pixel 3a from drops. It guards against drops from up to 6.6 feet with high-performing impact materials. The protection system is Antimicrobial protection which reduces microbes by up to 99.99% which keep your case hygienically clean. It is made of BulletShield TPU with BioCote antimicrobial additive Material. The Tech21 Studio Design case is available in Black, Plum, and Shark Blue Color.

InvisibleShield Glass Elite

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 9

Covering your Google Pixel 3a with a case or cover is essential but what to protect your phone’s screen with? The right choice is the InvisibleShield Glass Elite Advanced Screen Protector. It offers unbeatable impact and scratch protection while delivering 3x shatter resistance. Along with such protection comes new fingerprint and smudge resistant coating which never leaves a mark of your fingerprints, leaving your phone pristine. InvisibleShield Glass Elite is made of tempered glass with a smooth finish.

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Best Google Pixel 3a Cases and Covers - Top Collection 10

If you prefer a rugged and ready case then OtterBox Defender Series Case is the right case to have. The OtterBox Defender Series Case is a rugged polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover which works together to protect against drops, dust, and scratches. The OtterBox Defender Series Case has passed thermal shock tests, abrasion tests, drop tests and more. According to Google

Defender Series endured more than 24 rigorous assessments over 238 hours, so this case works and plays as hard as you do.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for Pixel 3a

The OtterBox Defender Series Case is available in Black and Dark Lake color. Materials used within the case are Polycarbonate, Synthetic Rubber, Polyurethane. It is an expensive case but is a durable one too.

We hope that this article has provided you with great help in choosing the best case for your Google Pixel 3a. Do tell us which case you liked the most in the comment section below.

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