Pixel System Updates now Arriving via Google Play Store

Google’s latest move to solve disparities between different Android revisions running across various devices is to serve system updates through Play Store. Arriving within Android Q is functionality that lets your device accept system updates such as official firmwares directly through Google Play Store. Replacing old Settings app update procedure, this new method is set to keep newer devices up-to-date automatically and more quickly.

The news regarding updates via Play Store was initially confirmed by Google when it initially detailed new APEX packages in Android Q. Basically, similar to APK files, these packages carry updates to core system components and can be downloaded directly from Play Store. Unique to Android Q, users can already experience this whilst running any of the new Beta / Developer Preview builds on their Pixel devices.

Play Store System Updates

System Updates Start Arriving via Google Play for Google Pixel Phones

Android Q was introduced in the first quarter of 2019 and the first Beta build was made available to Google Pixel phones in March. This release comes with a big focus on system updates. As Android has suffered from large version disparity, Google is experimenting with a new approach to fix it — that is, using Play Store to distribute core updates. Offering new system builds via Google Play Store can be a dual-edged sword. If the updates get automatically installed without requesting permission from the user, it might cause to discomfort to certain users. However, this route can also help Google in maintaining Android versions directly rather than manufacturers which we would then speed up the update process.

Updates through Google Play Store is just one amazing feature from Android Q, it also carries various other changes such as Dark Mode, Adaptive Brightness, Improved Notifications, Parental Control, etc.

Let us know in the comments if you’re using Android Q Beta and getting updates via Google Play Store? We love hearing from you. Happy Updating!

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