Twitter adds GIFs, Pictures & Videos to Retweets

After a very long time, Twitter has heard the plea of its loyal users and updated the platform by allowing users to attach media like GIFs, images, and videos within their retweets. This latest Twitter update is available on Android, iOS & Mobile / Web Browsers. As this update was announced, there was an enormous amount of retweets with the most trending drama Game of Thrones GIFs.

While developing a feature within a social messaging service, it is important to ponder of multiple aspects of design. Twitter has been working on this feature for quite a time and wanted to perfect it as much as possible. Retweeting a tweet was simple enough but when it comes to attaching media to it, it can take time to develop such an amazing feature which is specially requested by users themselves.

Twitter Retweets, GIFs, Images, Videos

Add GIFs, Images and Videos in Retweets

Twitter took the time and as mentioned delivered the most requested feature. Twitter knew how hard it was for them to develop such a feature and they even explained how their team achieved this feature within a retweet. Twitter Design on their official Twitter account posted:

To improve comprehension, we focused on creating hierarchy, prioritizing the author’s voice, and providing more context around the Tweet being Retweeted.

Twitter Design

Twitter took this feature and experimented it in ways to understand what Twitter users were looking for. They started by attaching an image to a retweet but with the same size of the main post confusing the audience which made the retweet look like another post. Have a look

Twitter adds GIFs, Pictures & Videos to Retweets 1

Moving further, Twitter created another design in which the media attached with the retweet stayed the same but the original post below it was condensed and to the right was its description making it easier for the audience to understand. Twitter users reacted well to it.

Twitter adds GIFs, Pictures & Videos to Retweets 2

And at last when people started understanding the feature Twitter updated the look by adding an avatar for the retweet on the main post along with removing the lines at the of the main post below making it a clean and smooth user experience for Twitter users to understand and enjoy

Twitter adds GIFs, Pictures & Videos to Retweets 3

According to the Twitter Team, these steps of releasing the retweet update feature was divided into Problem, Exploration and Solution steps which helped them achieve an amazing feature Twitter users wished for. Retweet with comment feature is available on all Twitter platforms now. Here is the post which describes the whole process of designing the Retweet with comment feature.

Let us know in the comments if you’re enjoying updated retweets feature? We love hearing from you. Happy Retweeting!

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