OnePlus 7 Pro to carry UFS 3.0 Flash Storage, HDR10+

OnePlus founder and CEO confirmed OnePlus 7 Pro will be coming with UFS 3.0 storage which means a faster and smoother experience. As more details for the phone are being confirmed by the brand day by day, we are also nearing the official launch event that is set to occur on May 14, 2019. As UFS 3.0 storage is a new standard, OnePlus 7 Pro is the first device going for this standard right now while Samsung Galaxy Fold also uses the same feature but Samsung Galaxy Fold with its issues isn’t expected to go on sale before OnePlus 7 Pro.

Last year Samsung explained about UFS 3.0 performance and what to expect from it. As the bandwidth speed with the UFS 3.0 is going to be better than its predecessors UFS 2.1. UFS 2.1 carried a bandwidth 1333 MB/s but coming to the latest technology, UFS 3.0 storage is going to carry a bandwidth of 2666 MB/s which is double of UFS 2.1. More exciting news includes UFS 3.0 modules which consume less power making it more powerful to process.

OnePlus 7, UFS 3.0 Storage

OnePlus 7 Pro with UFS 3.0 storage & HDR10+

Pete Lau has been recently posting OnePlus 7 Pro details on his Twitter handle, confirming what could be inside the upcoming flagship killer. Till now, we have partial details on what the final product can look like and what functions it will carry. From the information we have, however, have confirmed that it’s going to be a powerful device along with setting new standard within the mobile industry by introducing UFS 3.0 storage.

Further disclosed by Pete, the new phone will have latest display technology and would be HDR10+ certified. Within the post was a link confirming that upcoming smartphone is actually going to have an industry leading display technology HDR10+. Within the certified products of HDR10+, OnePlus 7 Pro was the only mobile handset while others were either TVs or UHD Blu-ray player within the list. Below are the twitter posts we were talking about.


As the OnePlus event is around the corner, more features might pop up and more news might come for OnePlus 7. Let us know in the comments what you think about these features within OnePlus 7? We love hearing from you. Happy Waiting.

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